Let Them Eat Cake

Avalon at Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken

We took a quick day trip to NYC yesterday for a bead buy and a side trip to Hoboken. I've never been to Hoboken New Jersey, but Avalon is obsessed with The Cake Boss and when she heard NYC, she requested Hoboken on the side! Ya gotta love a gal who knows what she wants! Hoboken is just on the other side of the Hudson River, so it's the first exit out of the Holland Tunnel, which is on our way home. I've always wanted to go there, and who doesn't love cake?!

We intended to leave early, but as usual we left later than we intended, oh for more hands! It all worked out in terms of traffic with just a few snaggles in Manhattan. Thankfully, my husband did the driving. I have no patience, have I mentioned that?

My Bead Score and Text from Avalon's Card for Buddy

I scored a pile of vibrantly colored and inexpensive beads and a single strand of rhodochrosite I simply could not resist. I rarely buy beads just for me, which is silly considering how many beads I own, but sometimes I find a strand that beckons...


Avalon spent all day on Tuesday making a die cut pop up 3-d cake card...twice. There was some serious drama around Studio Madge that day on top of the card making meltdown, so our delicious dinner that evening at The Blue Pear was well earned! Avalon wanted to give the card to the Cake Boss, but we knew Buddy was going to be away. When we drove into Hoboken there was a huge line out in front of the shop. They had cops out front and a door person! I can't believe they can keep up with the volume!

We decided to have lunch first to gear up for a long wait in the 90 degree weather, but by the time we finished eating and got to the bakery the line was thankfully gone. I didn't get a pic of the card, sorry, but once we got there and I saw Buddy's sister Mary at the end of the counter Avalon got a little freaked out. So I gave Mary the card. Frankie came down stairs while I was waiting to speak to Mary, which was pretty cool. Mary ended up down at our end of the bakery counter later. You would have thought she was one of the Beatles, Avalon was so excited! She was busy with a customer, so we didn't get a picture of her. We got them to put Avalon's name on her lovely and expensive fondant covered cake and we headed home. I'm happy to report that the cake tastes as good as it looks! They don't call Buddy The Cake Boss for nothing!

A Most Awesome Avalon Cake from Carlo's Bakery

Hoboken is a charming city, if you go to NYC, I highly suggest a side trip. You'll be really glad you took it! More pics to peruse below...enjoy!


Carlo's Bakery

Avalon and Mom at Carlo's Bakery

Avalon and Dad at Carlo's Bakery

Please Don't Feed the Bead Dog

Fab Octopus Ring Madge Could Not Resist

If You Can't Spell 'Checks', You Can't Cash Mine


Unknown said...

LOL at that chcecks sign!!!!
That is one seriously yummy looking cake, and I'm hyperventilating at all that organization behind bead dog! LURVE!!!! o.0

Margot Potter said...

I know, right?! Would that I had that kind of organization in my studio!

Michelle McGee said...

Hi hun... miss you... few things... since A and I share the same day of Earth Entry, can you ask her to save a piece for me? Also... can you put that octo ring on for me and take a photo? NEED to see that on your hand. K? Thanks. Bye.

Carol B said...

Awesome cake! I'm glad you got a pic before it was eaten.

It would be better if the sign said Czecks cashed. That mistake I could understand.

Grace said...

Got to love it! I live in New York work in Manhattan and am still amased sometimes reading different signs surrounding the City! Great cake...Grace xoxo

madelinesthoughts said...

Thanks for sharing the experience with us. Great photos, it looked like a fun trip!

Retooled4Life said...

Love the online road trip. Big fan of Hoboken - oozes character. Love the Cake Boss (but never been to the bakery). Love driving "back roads" of NYC - anything but the main thorofares (except parts of Park Ave & Madison). And LOVE that the Pied Piper of Creativity is the 2nd follower on my blog! ZOWIE!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that cake is awesome :) I watch the show too, but since I live in Romania I think I won't get to Hoboken anytime soon.
Loved you post and photos :)