ILoveToCreate Teen Crafts: Jeepers Peepers Headband

IloveToCreate Teen Crafts
Jeepers Peepers Headband
Avalon and Margot Potter
“Kid crafted, mom approved!”

Avalon has the most fabulous imagination! We scored every last box of puff ball baby chicks on clearance at the craft store recently and she came home and glued one chick to a black leather headband that day. The kids at school went nuts for it! I loved it, but I suggested she add a few more...which she did and it was an even bigger hit. Then I asked her if we could use it as a teen craft project for ILoveToCreate. I added some lavender ribbon, daisy trim and glued her chicks back on to make a super cute spring headband. I am seriously considering a chicks tiara...

I think the best thing about kids and teens is that they don’t get limited by ‘rules.’ They’re willing to take creative risks and because of that they come up with really creative ideas.

It’s fun to design together and Aleene’s Liquid Fusion glue makes quick work of any craft project!

1” thick leather headband
2 small yellow puff ball chicks
2 large pink puff ball chicks
3/8” Textured Trios lavender polka dot satin ribbon
Wrights Creative Classics 7/8” Daisy Trim
Liquid Fusion Glue


1. Glue one end of ribbon flush to back of one end of the headband. Spread a thin bead of glue along the inside center of the headband. Wrap ribbon one time around and begin wrapping slightly overlapping each time working your way around the headband. Make the final wrap, cut off excess ribbon and glue the end down. Allow to dry.

2. Measure the space for your chicks.  Glue the daisy trim on either side of the space down to each end of the headband with a thin bead of glue.  Allow to dry.

3. Glue the chicks to the space on the headband using a thick glob of Liquid Fusion glue. Allow to dry.


angie said...

Margot, LOVE the project! Too cute! I am almost finished with my purse blank (done Margot style!), and I'll send you a link when I am. SO MUCH FUN! Keep up the great work!

Red Lipstick said...

This is fabulous! so cute and fun. Your daughter is very talented, like her mom ;)

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [13 Apr 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Lisa Crone said...

Oh, how cute! I know I would have loved that at Avalon's age, but heck, I think I love it now!! By the way, your picture turned out GORGEOUS!!