Redesigning Oscars Jewelry 2010!

I was really disappointed with the Oscars this year.  Again, it was sea of empty necks with a smattering of oversized earrings and cuff bracelets.  In a year that's supposedly all about the 'statement necklace' not a statement was made.  Kate Winslet wore a lovely art deco inspired yellow diamond necklace...Helen Mirren sported a simple diamond choker...and then it was empty neck after empty neck all in strapless dresses.

With the current state of the economy stars didn't want to seem ostentatious.  So who says you have to wear diamonds to be fabulous?!  I wouldn't wear a diamond if you paid me.  I don't want to support an industry that is built on violence and sorrow.  You can tell me they're not blood diamonds, but I don't believe it.  Besides, diamonds are so...predictable.  Why not some lucite, semi-precious stone or lovely, sparkly CRYSTALLIZED-Swarovski Elements?!  Lanvin, Tom Binns, YSL...there are so many fantastic creations out there at the moment.  Where was the sparkle?  Where was the glamour?  It's the Oscars!  You can damn well believe that if I went I'd be sparkling, baby.

I was recently contacted by a German manufacturer of the most exquisite clasps I have ever seen called Claspgarten.  You simply HAVE TO visit their site and see their creations.  Findings don't have to hide under your collar, the right ones can be focal elements in your designs and can take a ho hum ensemble to entirely new levels of fabulosity.  These clasps are definitely the right ones!  I can see anyone of these creating the foundation for a truly glamorous old Hollywood style necklace.  I've been thinking about what I'd design to fill in the empty Oscar night necklines.  These clasps are the perfect starting here are a few thoughts...and if you'd like to win a stunning Claspgarten fantasy clasp, leave a comment with your own design ideas here.  I'll announce two winners and share a finished design based on my concepts next Friday.

(Jason Merritt-Getty Images)

Cameron looks divine in this silver crystal encrusted gown by Oscar De La Renta...but I'm envisioning a simple 15mm crystal ab and 15mm pearl knotted choker using this clasp as the central focal element.  I'd have it hit right beneath her collar bones and fill in that empty space with some vintage glamour.

Here's Elizabeth Banks in a stunning chiffon strapless gown by Versace.  I'm picturing a multi-strand necklace of grey and peacock pearls separated by shadow crystals in a 17" length.  This clasp will allow for six or more strands!  I'd knot them and slide the clasp to the right side so it balanced the train on the gown.

(Frazier Harrison-Getty Images)
Nicole Richie looked gorgeous in this vintage 1960s Reem Acra beaded dress, but I keep seeing an opera length flapper style necklace here.  This bold clasp in shades of grey would look lovely with delicate gun metal and silver chains and a rosary style strand of crystals in jet, black diamond and crystal.  This clasp accomodates 9 or more strands!  Talk about gorgeous!  The clasp could be worn asymmetrically hitting mid-chest with a tangle of chains and crystals.  And since this gown had a plunging back...perhaps the necklace could be worn backwards...
What do you see?  Pick ANY Oscars 2010 star and tell me what necklace you'd make for them using ANY Claspgarten clasp to fill in that empty neckline with fabulosity!  Feel free to use the clasps I did!  I'll announce the two winners next Friday! FYI: I can't send you the clasp you use, I will send it from the array they sent me.



Karen said...

first of all, when i went to the claspgarten site, they had a quote from you about your satisfaction with their products. sweet!

don't know how good i am at this game, but i'll play!

amanda seyfried:

remove the bracelet and add this clasp:

honestly, my favorite clasps were the ones you already used in your examples, but that's ok! :)

Maddy Richardson said...

Vera Farmiga's was my favourite of all the Oscar dresses

I'd use this clasp and make a multistrand choker with matching Swarovski crystals (I think the colour is fuchsia).

I'd wear the choker with the clasp at the front, but off-centre to compliment the asymmetry of the dress.

I was also bemused by the lack of jewellery at the Oscars - pile it on I say!

Suzie said...

I think anything with a "Steampunk/Beadpunk" Look with multiple strands of Lavender pearls. Like Swarovski new pearl color!

Suzie said...
I forgot the clasp I liked! here it is!

TesoriTrovati said...

I am definitely checking them out! A pretty clasp makes all the difference. And wouldn't it be sweet if they ditched the diamonds in favor of supporting local homegrown artists? How do we get a chunk of that pie? I know that it is not DeBeers or anything, but wearing a one of a kind Margot Potter or Erin Prais-Hintz would be infinitely more interesting! I didn't see the Oscars or the red carpet (gasp!) but have seen all sorts of the good bad and ugly out there (dresses I mean, not starlets). I think that using crystals, particularly vintage Swarovskis would be a definite must. Thanks for sharing a great resource! Enjoy the day! Erin

Designs by C O R O N A said...

I chose to use MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL's
blue dress:

I see the Claspgarten clasp:

It is a marcasite styled clasp with 2 sapphire colored crystals. The clasp will allow 2 strands and I see the 2 strands each made in the same order using 6-8 mm cobalt blue Swarovski crystals alternating with Swarovski cream or white color pearls with 4mm AB crystals between each. The length difference in the two strands will automatically offset the color placement. I would show the clasp offset to the side intentionally. I would also make earrings that would be very long single strand. ( almost shoulder dusters)with the same alternating Swarovski Cobalt blue,AB crystals and Swarovski pearls.

apinkdreamer said...

hi! you are absolutely right!
your blog is fantastic! please visit me whenever you can!

K said...

I love all the clasps on this site. Few things make me smile as much as a beautiful clasp (bead nerd much?)

I think Rachel McAdams looked absolutely beautiful at the Oscars. You can find her picture here:

I would design a piece that included this silver clasp:

I think the yellowish pearl accent of the clasp complements the faint yellow sections of the dress beautifully. The overall shape of the clasp would serve to emphasize the sweetheart neckline quite well. I would pair the clasp with a simple strand of freshwater pearls so as not to distract from either the dress or the clasp, and I would design it such that the necklace hit just below the collarbone.

K said...

p.s. Forgot to say that I would also use the clasp as a focal point/pendant, so it would be front and center!

Irene Lenihan said...

I would love to design a necklace for Kristen Stewart. I would do a something with multiple sizes of clear swarovski crystals and use several of these clasps instead of spacers...
I would make it a necklace and a bracelet and make it so that it so that they could be put together to make a longer necklace for another occasion.

TesoriTrovati said...

Okay...I realized that I didn't read your post well enough. You wanted a suggestion of a naked neck adornment...
I would choose this clasp
with the siam red center stone and make choker with big baroque pearls (the bigger the better to spice up Penelope Cruz' dress (she is smokin' hot in that outfit!)
Thanks for the fun Miss Madge! I have signed up to receive their information. Looks like a great assortment of clasps they offer. Wonder if they will be at Bead & Button?
Enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

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