Product Review: CraftOptics Telescopes

The fine folks from CraftOptics sent me a pair of their telescopic lenses to explore recently. So far I really like them. They were originally developed by a dentist and used in dental and surgical applications, and I can see how they'd work well in those formats. I also think they're brilliant for crafts and fine arts. If you need to see things clearly up close, you need a pair of these glasses. If your eyes are not as adept as they used to be and it's meant you've had to stop doing detail oriented work, you need these. If you work on a regular basis with seed beads, chain maille, wire wrapping, sawing, dapping, punching...any jewelry work that requires you to see little details, you need these glasses. If you paint, sketch, sew, quilt, embroider, knit, need these glasses.

They are admittedly expensive, about 400 dollars for the frames and optics and that's before you add your own prescription to the frames if you wear glasses. That being said, I think they're worth every penny. This is a professional quality tool and not a toy.  They are an invaluable tool for your work, just like a top of the line die cutting machine or a professional ergonomic set of jewelry pliers or a kiln and if you're serious about jewelry making and you're finding it difficult to clearly focus on little details, these will be a tool you'll use on a regular basis. I'm over forty now and I find, particularly in the evening when the light in my studio isn't so great, that I'm starting to have trouble seeing things like jump ring closures or coiled wires clearly. Having these glasses (along with my OttLite) will make an incredible difference. I often stop studio work after dark because I can't see things well, now I can opt to continue if I'm on a roll or I have a looming deadline.

You order CraftOptics through your optometrist so they can add your prescription lenses to the frames, or if you don't wear glasses like me you can purchase a pair with frames that have clear lenses either through an optometrist or directly from the company. They're surprisingly lightweight and comfortable, so you won't feel weighed down while wearing them. If you watch TV or work on your computer while you craft, it's easy to flip up the telescopes so you can multi-task.

Here's a link to information about how you go about ordering a pair. The website has a lot of information about the product and how it's used. You get titanium frames with the telescopic unit attached, a carrying case, head strap, lens cloth and a screwdriver for adjustments. You can read more about the company here. I'll keep you posted on my experiences with them as time progresses!

Until next time...craft on with your bad selves.


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Lisa Crone said...

What a great product! I'm going to share with my husband who does lots of electronic projects as a hobbyist and has recently noticed his vision could use a boost! Thanks so much!