Book Review: Totally Twisted by Kerry Bogert

Book Review
Totally Twisted: Innovative Wirework and Art Glass Jewelry
Kerry Bogert
Interweave Press
Copyright 2010 Margot Potter

Art glass beads can present unique challenges to a designer.  There's a risk of over designing and losing the beads in the shuffle.  Art glass beads work best when they're integrated into a design in a way that both celebrates them and allows them to become a part of the whole.  Kerry Bogert is a well known art glass bead maker and finished jewelry designer.  Her new book Totally Twisted offers a fresh approach to wire working and design specifically focused on showcasing art glass beads, but also applicable to a variety of other beads.  This book is delightful to view and filled with interesting new techniques and meticulous approaches to the familiar.  How many wire books get you really excited about making clasps, links or ear wires?

I was particularly enamored of the color palettes explored in the designs and the way the book design itself reflected them.  Too often, jewelry making books lack synergy because the book designer doesn't mirror the author's vision.  Kudos to Lee Calderon for creating such a perfect backdrop for Kerry's dynamic designs.  The book is beautiful and the step by step photographs are detailed, crisp and easy to follow.  There is a definite aesthetic at work here and it's a truly appealing one.  I loved the saturated color palettes and the wonderful sense of whimsy of Kerry's work.

If you're looking for some new ways to work with wire, you'll find them here.  Coiling, wrapping, making links and chains, creating findings...this is one of those books you'll want to have in your studio to keep referencing.  It's a fun read too, giving you a fascinating glimpse into the author's design process and experiences.  I think this would make a terrific addition to any jewelry maker's library.


TesoriTrovati said...

Cannot wait to get my autographed copy! Thanks for the inspiring review. I think this book will be one that I treasure.
Enjoy the day!

jackiesdesigns said...

I'm getting this for my birthday in two weeks, yayyyyy

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