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What I Learned at my Grandmother's Funeral Shoes for Art is Wickedly Good Retreat Class Copyright 2009 Margot Potter (and for copyright infringement FYI the pictures are of my actual grandmother!)

I finished my big project, it looks fabulous...though my anal retentive side wishes I had more crystals to completely cover the toe caps on the tennies...but alas I did not. One must work with the materials one is given. After CHA I'll share pics of the project. There are no teeth marks, FYI. Har har.

I also finished edits on my new book Bead Chic which debuts in Summer of 2010. I still haven't seen the romance pics or a cover and of course I can't wait. Books are a labor of love and so much of it is hurry up and wait. This is my sixth title and I'm just as excited as I was six years ago when I published my first one.

My class proposals for Art is You's October retreat Art is Wickedly Good have been accepted. Yay! I'm teaching among some of the biggest names in mixed media, altered arts and assemblage and my classes are really going to be cool. My classes are part design, part Craft Therapy with plenty of irony and copious amounts of humor. We'll be making a pair of altered shoes and a black hat. The concepts are based on posts from my other blog: What I Learned at my Grandmother's Funeral and The Tao of the Black Hat. The projects will be physical explorations of personal narrative as it relates to the theme. The shoes are about personal empowerment and the hat is about embracing the moments in our lives when we become the bad guy in someone else's story. It is inevitable, no matter how well we try to live that somewhere along the way we'll find someone who sees us as the bad guy. We can see the power and the gift in that role, or not. We all have roles we play in our families, and the shoes are about rejecting those roles and becoming our true selves. We'll do some writing and then we'll dive into the projects and make glorious messes! I can not wait. Everyone's finished projects will be unique to my shoes are just for inspiration.

Clover has a new flower loom that creates Hana-Ami flowers! Check out this video from When Creativity Knocks!

Here is this week's sampling from the craftacular crew of Crafty Bloggers:

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Aileen has a blogoversary coming up and she's offering a fun giveaway!

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Have a sick kid at home? Check out this collection of crafts Sherri has compiled to help entertain them while they get better.

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Crafty Princess Diaries
Even though this crafty princess is from the South, she still needs a warm crochet hat now and then.

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at a crafty world
The first week of 2010 at Craftside brings you ho-tos on crocheting broomstick lace and then framing it up to store your earrings, stringing up a ribbon and pearl zigzag necklace, and a call for entries for a new book-1000 Ideas for Decorating Cakes, Cupcakes & Cookies.

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Eileen went shopping in her closet and made a 20-something sweater new again. Here’s how to update a dated BIG sweater.

Mixed Media Artist
A new year, a new technique! Cyndi shares the first steps to making a shibori background fabric for a new quilt.

Margot Potter The Impatient Crafter
Madge opens up a rather sticky can of worms in this post about copyright infringement. Right click, save. Done.

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