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Ack, the weekend flew by! I had an overnight marcasite show at QVC on Sunday and spent the better part of the day catching up on my sleep. I usually post these links on Saturday...but here it is Monday. How does that happen?!

I wanted to take a moment to articulate something I think needs articulation. As a professional designer in the craft industry who has published 6 books, edited a magazine, consulted, designed and blogged for some of the biggest companies in the DIY market, created and tirelessly promoted this blog and worked her tushie off for years to build and promote her brand through extensive viral marketing say that this has all happened through copious amounts of blood, sweat and tears is not an understatement. I am a well known and well respected designer in my industry and that has happened entirely through my hard work and through the connections I've made and the networking I've done with other hard working designers. There is no such thing as a free lunch. When companies send me samples to use for my classes, my books, my articles, my blog, my videos and my design work, these samples are sent with the understanding that I will honestly assess the products and use them as I see fit in my work. They aren't just 'free samples' that I can give away to friends and family or sell in my Etsy shop. They are tools for my work that I've earned through my tireless efforts at creating this brand.

I have recently had a few instances of people assuming that I can sell them my 'free samples' or just give them away. I can not. That would be bad form on my part, it would be a form of theft on my part and quite frankly I find the audacity of the assumption that I can give away tools for my work to virtual strangers absolutely mind boggling. I don't even want to sell them, I need to use them! The next person who asks is in for an be forewarned.

Enough said.

On a more positive note...

Check out this week's video from When Creativity Knocks!

Here's some inspiration from the crafty bloggers for your holiday craftertainment:

The Artful Crafter A bead spinner is not required, but certainly recommended, to make a beautiful seed bead Christmas tree like this one created by Sharon

Stefanie Girard's Sweater Surgery See how to make a Max from the Grinch antler headband from recycled sweaters

Mixed Media Artist One of Cyndi's readers shared a fabulous craft idea using her own custom-printed fabric...and you can do it too!

Farm Girl Roots, City Girl Style Linda built a house--a gingerbread house, that is! Check out photos and learn more about this party concept that's taking Chicago by storm!

Crafty Princess Diaries A light tent can make all the difference when photographing your crafts.

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at a crafty world The 19 Days of Holiday Goodness Giveaways is in full swing, leave your answer to the day's question and you are entered to win a free book and while you're there check out how to make a Christmas tree from a tomato cage, some cool Steampunk jewelry, a ribbon wreath, and a great beer and turkey leftover recipe.

Aileen's Musings Looking for Christmas card ideas? Aileen shares her idea using a Starbucks coffee sleeve and challenges you...

About Family Crafts Check out these creative gift wrapping ideas. You simply cannot give someone a fabulous homemade gift using ordinary, store-bought wrapping paper. You can easily and quickly personalize the wrap as well as the gift.

The Impatient Crafter Madge is feeling Retrofabulous this holiday season! Check out this vintage inspired mixed media jewelry project idea!

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