iLoveToCreate Teen Recycled Christmas Cards

iLoveToCreate Recycled Christmas Cards
Teen Holiday Craft Project
Created by Margot Potter for iLoveToCreate
“Mom crafted, kid approved.”

It’s tough to throw pretty holiday cards away, but eventually our coffers get full. Rather than spend beaucoup bucks on new cards, why not upcycle some oldies but goodies? I have a collection of fun vintage cards, but many of them are already used. I love repurposing them in my design work. (You don’t have to use vintage cards, any used holiday cards will do.) You need cards with figural images you can frame with dimensional paint and then cut out in silhouette. It’s easy to give old cards new life with Tulip dimensional paints and glitters! Teens will love this project and it’s a great way to get them excited about upcycling and handmade holidays. Miss Avalon just loved this snowman.

Gather up dimensional paints and glitters and make an afternoon out of creating your own wonderful, heartfelt and handcrafted creations with your teen.

Used holiday cards with bold figural images
Heavy duty cardstock
Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint in silver
Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint with silver glitter
Tulip Fashion Glitter in White Pearl

Ranger Adirondack Pigment stamp pad in snow cap
Small clear snowflake stamp (I used a clear stamp from Inkadinado for EK Success)
Clear stamp base
Bone Folder
Paper cutter

1. Select a card with a figural image. Select areas you’d like to glitter and spread Tulip dimensional glitter paint thinly across areas with fingertips. Before it dries, sprinkle with Tulip Fashion glitter and shake off excess on scrap paper. Bend paper and dump any excess glitter back into jar.

2. Use Tulip dimensional fabric paint in silver to frame your image. I was envisioning a soldered effect here. Allow card to dry.

3. Cut out figure with scissors.

4. Use a ruler to measure a card background that fits your image with a little excess around the edges. Each card will be unique to the image you select. Cut with a paper cutter or scissors, fold in half and use a bone folder to get a clean crease on the edge of your card.

5. Stamp front of card with pigment pad and snowflake stamp in a repetitive pattern. Before the pigment dries sprinkle a layer of Tulip Fashion Glitter on and shake off on to scrap paper. Dump excess glitter back into jar. Allow to dry.

6. Use foam stickers to attach your image to the front of the card. Cut out and attach the sentiment from the original card inside of your creation.

BONUS IDEA: Take the image off of the foam stickers, punch holes on both sides at the top and add some tinsel wire and VOILA instant Christmas decoration!

Disclosure: Most of the materials used in this project were donated for use in my work.

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Perry said...

Very clever... I use my old cards cut up for tags the next year, but this is even better!