Floam Me Up, Scotty!

Everything is cuter in Japan...even Floam!

In between the mountain of other design work I've got on my plate right now, I was asked to create some creations with Floam by the fine folks at QVC for an upcoming airing. I finally carved out some time Monday and began a floam exploration. I covered a recycled plastic bottle with Floam...and woke up to a puddle of melted floam under the bottle on Tuesday. So maybe it's not a great plan to Floam a plastic bottle...but it worked fabulously on Styrofoam balls and a variety of other surfaces. I was hoping to have time to make more samples, but I was called in at 4pm Tuesday for a morning airing Wednesday...which is today for you but I'm blogging in advance.

Enter fan stage right!

Wait until you see Frosty the Floam-man. That is if you see me today, Wednesday at 10am EST on QVC with the 6 piece Floam kit! If you miss it, you can watch the video at the hot link after the show ends. Yipee! My daughter made two fabulous masks and we Floamed a variety of items. Personally, methinks Floam works best on porous surfaces. That's just me.

So with all of the Floaming and the designing and the deadlines...I had no time for Retrofabulosity, in fact I didn' t have much time for any semblance of fabulosity and I'm saying a small prayer my Floam samples are dry by morning.

'Tis the season! Tomorrow I'll be participating in a fun holiday craft blog link round robin and then maybe...if all goes well...I'll share Frosty the Floam-man and his instructions here in the old bloggy blog on Friday!

We shall see.

Floamingly yours,


Robin Beam said...

You looked magnificent as always today on the Q....loved the snowman! Will you be posting a "close up and personal of Mr. Floaman?

Hugs, Knotty

Margot Potter said...


Aw, thanks! Mr. Floaman is a personal fave...though he may need a touch of sparkle!

I'll post him with instructions here this Friday. Plus...you get to see him in person! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!