The Grumpy Phlebotomist and The Creative Living Contest Winner!


I've been moving into a new category at QVC. It makes sense since I'm a crafty gal to be selling novelties and toys, so it's a good fit. Plus I'm a big kid at heart and now that my kid is getting bigger, I'll still have an excuse to have toys around. And yes, I still get as excited about them as I did when I was five. Tee hee.

I had to get up at 4am to get ready to go on air this morning with an adorable set of three
Disney Themed storybook pillows and I just got back home after stopping for some blood tests on the way home. This is the second time I've met up with a grumpy phlebotomist. Though I understand that it stinks to be overworked, underpaid and understaffed...I'm just a gal who hates needles and has to get this dang test done for my doctor. I don't really want to hear about how much your job sucks the entire time I'm giving you my blood and I really don't want to be jabbed extra hard with a huge needle merely because you're disgruntled. Is it just me?

Aren't you all glad I've blathered on about how much my blood tests sucked? Just be glad I don't have a needle...I'm just sayin'...

I promised to announce the winner of the
Totally Creative subscription! Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori me and I'll connect you with the folks from the e-zine! Congratulations!

So after no sleep and the aforementioned evil needle jabbing...this little piggy is taking a well earned nap. Until next time...craft on with your bad selves.



Hali Chambers said...

Haven't we all had that experience? If not from a needle-sticking slug, then from other people who hate their jobs and infuse it into your day.

Doesn't cheerfulness go a long way? You're a cheerful kinda gal! And YAY, you for expanding into new arenas with QVC! :-) H.

TesoriTrovati said...

Woohoo! (For being the winner, not for dealing with needles!)
Thanks so much for picking me Miss Madge! I am excited.
I will shoot you an email!
Enjoy the day!

flyingbeader said...

Margot, you need to complain about the grumpy phlebotomist! I use to draw blood as part of my job & it is never right to let your negativity come out when with patients. I hate to hear this as they are our front door to the public & if people think all lab workers are like this, then it reflects so bad on the rest of us. If it was me drawing your blood, I would've made you laugh...that works better than complaints.

Margot Potter said...

Hali! Yes, it's true. Plus we've all dealt with grumpy customers. I felt bad for her right up until she jabbed me!

Margot Potter said...




Margot Potter said...


Well every bunch has a bad apple or two, I wouldn't judge the entire group based on one or two grumps. I bet you're wonderful with patients!


Nancy said...

I will look for you on QVC. I am taking your class on Sunday in NJ. Do I need to bring any materials?

phlebotomist certification said...

I think there are no that kind of phlebotomist nowadays. I know that all of them are now well-trained.

Margot Potter said...

Well, my friend, most unfortunately, there is at least one of them working down the road from me. There are people who take pride in their work and then there are people who do not, she falls in that category.

I certainly don't think all phlebotomists are bad, just this one rather miserable woman.


phlebotomy certification said...

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