Giving Thanks.

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This is my final post for the Giving Thanks Blog Hop. Take a moment to visit some of the blogs of these wonderful artists! Just follow the link!

I don't believe in luck, but I do believe in magic. I think luck is something people invented so they'd stop taking responsibility for their lives, it's much easier to tell ourselves that happy people are lucky than it is to accept that life is about choices. There is preparation and there is opportunity, luck is an illusion. Life is all about perspective. Every moment we can choose sorrow or we can choose joy. I believe that in each of us is an endless well of joy. You can keep tapping it over and over again and you will never run out. The glass is neither half full nor half empty, because the universe gives free refills.


Why are you even worried about the glass?

The more we focus on what we don't have and we didn't get, the less we are able see the abundance that is always there for us. At any moment we are free to erase the past and reinvent ourselves. We're only a victim if we choose to be. I choose joy. When we choose joy, the magic happens.

Life is not about the money or the stuff or the awards or the accolades, though all of those things are nice and it's okay to enjoy them fully. Life is all about the love we share and just like joy there's an endless supply.

I am thankful that somewhere along the way I realized that I was the captain of my own ship. I realized that I could take the wheel. I could choose to be sad about the things that happened in the past or I could focus on the moment. Every moment is an opportunity for joy and for grace and for love.

Thank each of you for visiting me here at this little blog of mine. Here is my advice, for what it's worth: Try to love more and judge less...that applies to you, your friends, your enemies, complete strangers...and to your artwork. Love is the key to joy.

Be in the moment, it is all you have.

Carpe Gaudium.

Seize joy.



Anonymous said...

"... I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have." Thomas Jefferson

This is my all time favorite quote. I agree with you whole heartedly!


FunkyMonkey Girls said...

AMEN....I see that a lot in patients. If they lost the will, then they will usually pass away soon afterwards.

You do pick your own is hard to be postive when you are around so much negativity but keep working on it, when you are postivie, usually you can change some people's attitude:)

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Lea said...

The glass is neither half full nor half empty, because the universe gives free refills.

I love this so much that if I could needlestitch it would be on its way to being on a pillow.

This entire post is something I plan to read over and over.