Giving Thanks Blog Hop Free Project AND Blog Giveaway!

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Continuing with the Thanksgiving theme and the Giving Thanks Blog Hop, I'm cross posting a project I created for the Beadalon blog. Enjoy the project AND if you'd like to win the plethora of paper crafting swag seen in the pic at the bottom of this post, just leave a comment explaining the significance of these particular names together (this is a trivia question) and I'll announce a winner randomly selected from the folks who answer the question correctly on Friday.

Fall Harvest Place Card Holders
Margot Potter for Beadalon

Colourcraft copper wire is coiled into a faux flower and ‘planted’ in a painted miniature clay pot. Make up a bunch of these for any occasion, simple change the color scheme to suit your event. These would be delightful as wedding favors!

Miniature clay pots
Sage green raffia
18 gauge ColourCraft copper wire
Decorative ribbon
Ranger paint dabbers in gold, copper, lettuce and sunset orange
Liquid Fusion
Hot Glue Sticks
Small glass pebbles
Glue dots

Paint brush
Hot glue gun
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters
Nylon jaw pliers

1. Paint your pots and allow to dry. Paint a second coat if needed.
2. Glue decorative ribbon around edges with Liquid Fusion.
3. Cut a 5” segment of ColourCraft wire. Bend one end of your wire with pliers to create a small stand that fits inside of your pot.
4. Use round nose pliers to start a flat wire coil and continue using nylon jaw pliers. Make this a loose rather than tight coil.
5. Cut off a 10” length of raffia.
6. Hot glue your wire base into the pot, add a small glass pebble and more glue and your raffia. Allow glue to dry.
7. You can use “glue dots” to secure these on the table and prevent them from tipping over. Add your own festive place cards. I use a fabulous Fiskars squeeze punch to get this scalloped edge square shape on cardstock.


Jenny said...

Hey, Margot! Cute project. The four names were from a movie- Bob&Carol&Ted&Alice...and I THINK they used the song, "What the World Needs Now" on the soundtrack....thanks for the fun project & givaway idea. (Oh! and the movie poster said, "Consider the Possibilities." Um, ya....)

Unknown said...

Those are great! Thanks for sharing! ;)

TesoriTrovati said...

That was a movie and I think a later tv series in the late 60s (before or shortly after I was born I might add). I do believe there was some infidelity expored on the show.
Great little flower pots for place settings! Enjoy the day! Erin

Larajc said...

I love the little flower pots, they could be place-card holders! Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice was a name of a sitcom in the late 60's and I guess it was later made into a movie but I have never seen it!

pippirose said...

Cute project!
That was one heck of risque movie for the times (the 70's beginning of "swinging"). Natalie Wood...Dyan Cannon; Robert Culp and Elliott Gould. The TV show was very tame...and I believe Jody Foster was the daughter?
pippirose59 at gmail dot com