The Impatient Crafter Presents Le Cricut Artiste

We promised you a new video and here it is! We had to laugh when ten minutes after we uploaded the video someone had already given us a 3 star rating, wah, wah. Admittedly these videos are not for everyone, but we do our best to keep them fun! We tried to make this short, sweet and...well not neccessarily to the point but hopefully infotaining.

I'm loving the
Cricut Expression. It's got a lot of potential and I think I'm seriously going to enjoy exploring it. Having a variety of tools at your fingertips makes creativity far easier. We're hoping to get the longer cutting mat and the transfer tape so we can add some words to other walls in the house. Definitely get the transfer tape if you attempt this, we had a heckuva time lining the letters even with a laser level. I'm brainstorming ways I can use this machine for the holidays...


Madge (and family)


Anonymous said...

Loved the video Margot! Jazz hands!!!! Love you!!! Thanks I needed that! Tell your daugher that I said hey and she did a great job! Jazz Hands!

flyingbeader said...

LOL! Margot...I AM AN ARTIST TOO.....

And YES! I love the "..." also. Gotta tell you, you DO make me want to go to Paris too...Champagne &!

Mari said...

Fantabulous! Great Blog. I can't wait for the next one ;O)

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

What fun!! I love that laser thing to line up the letters, as well as the message.

Yes! I AM AN ARTIST!! And I won't let anyone tell me otherwise - anymore.

Loved the jazz hands as well. I'm an ex-dancer. LOL.

Tammy said...

Bob Fosse has nothing on you guys!