Saturday TastyLinks™

“Ain’t it funny how time slips away?”

It could not possibly have been a week since I last posted these links! Have I somehow and without my knowing entered a wrinkle in time?! I feel as if summer is flying at the speed of light, which makes me a little blue because winter seems to last forever. I simply must move somewhere warm and balmy.

Yesterday I dropped my daughter off at her last day of Shakespeare camp and I took a little side trip to one of our local antique malls in search of ephemera. I emerged triumphant! I found two magazines from the early 1900s in pristine condition overflowing with great images, one adorable postcard, a bag of slightly disturbing 1950s circus themed cardboard stand up cut-outs and this absolutely amazing photograph. I ask you. Is this a girl or is this a boy? I can not for the life of me decide. Note the hands and feet...and the awkward body language...and the hair which may or may not be short. I love it! This is a delightfully quirky picture!

I’ve been collecting these old photos for years. My former roommate Melody and I used to tell our guests they were our ancestors and concoct stories about them. I’m particularly fond of pictures of women and young girls wearing hugantic bows. In fact, I think I may need to create a collection of these bows for myself.

Ah, I blather on too much again. Good grief. Here’s your weekly sampling of TastyLinks™! Open wide and say, “AH!”

About Family Crafts I need your help! Be the first to submit a photo of this completed craft and be featured on the Family Crafts site!’’

Aileen's Musings Your help is needed...Please take a moment to help make a difference We have a chance to get our ovarian cancer charity project on the cover of a northern CA magazine. Your vote is needed! The project benefits the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Deadline for voting is July 23rd so hurry and cast your vote!

Alexa Westerfield a.k.a. Swelldesigner Alexa shares the mental process behind creating a post on her swell craft blog.

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at a crafty world Craftside's got a how-to's on bleaching photos and juxtaposing images, a mixed-media journal out of a wide variety of recycled materials and a video with Scatha G. Allison where she shows the incredible designs from her book Jean Therapy. Be sure to answer the day's questions to be entered to win a free book!

Crafty Princess Diaries Have you thought about taking your craft hobby to a different level? Tammy has some thoughts to consider before crossing over the hobby/professional line.

CraftyPod SisterDiane is thrilled to unveil her new ebook, Weaving Un-Loomed: Simple Ways to Weave Cool Things.

Cross Stitch at Have fun trying out these new free Candlewicking patterns Connie's sharing. If you use one, send in a photo to show it off!

Mixed Media Artist Using two very different book pages, you can create a found poem for an altered book...or just because!

Naughty Secretary Club Jen shares clever and crafty uses for suitcases that have nothing to do with holding clothing. Side tables, laptop cases and portable craft studios, oh my!

Stefanie Girard's Sweater Surgery Drink Mermaids take the plunge into some silver paint and get transformed into some swimmingly fun necklaces inspired by the wonderfully innovative book A Charming Exchange.

The Artful Crafter Eileen shows you how to make a multi-strand fiber bracelet.

The Crochet Dude Drew reviews the new Simplicity Rotary Cutting Machine - offers up a free crocheted project using fabric strips - and he's giving away a Rotary Cutting Machine to one lucky commenter!

The Impatient Crafter Madge shows you how to make a quick and easy Altered Chinese Paper Lantern in her first post on Kid/Teen Crafts for I Love to Create!

Vickie Howell-Craft.Rock.Love Check out Vickie's free pattern for a knitted lace iPhone cozy!

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