Book Review: Jewelry and Beading Designs for Dummies

Book Review
Jewelry and Beading Designs for Dummies
Tammy Powley and Heather H. Dismore
For Dummies
August 2008

Ms. Powley and Ms. Dismore have created a thorough and thoroughly delightful tome on the basics of jewelry making that is a must have for any novice. They cover absolutely everything you need to know to get started and to ensure continued success. This book is designed for the beginner and the projects are totally appropriate for someone ready to dip their toes into the jewelry and beading pool, but there is plenty of information for the more advanced beaded jewelry maker as well.

The illustrations are clear and the directions meticulous and concise. My only wish is that there were more color pictures because the designs are so lovely, but there's a several page glossy color gallery of designs that helps immensely. It begins with the basics and progresses to intermediate and even advanced techniques. You get a taste of mixed media, bead weaving, poly clay, wire work and even learn how to make your own findings. They give good, solid information and show you how to do things properly which will ensure good results. That's the key component to a good how-to book.

As a professional designer and a jewelry book author, I have a discerning eye and a high level of expectation. I wholeheartedly recommend this book for every bead lover's library. Ms. Dismore and Ms. Powley are both competent and respected experts and together they've created an indispensable guide to the many facets of jewelry making and beading.

Margot Potter
Author and Freelance Designer
The Impatient Beader Series
Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed
Beyond the Bead


Lisa Crone said...

I cannot believe your energy level! Do you have a cloning machine in your craft room?! Just in case you haven't heard it lately, THANK YOU for always sharing such fun and up to the minute info!! :)

Jeff Byer said...

I have always loved the dummies series. its great that they have launched a book o jewelry design.

Margot Potter said...


I'm a born procrastinator, so I work tirelessly to fight that tendency!


Margot Potter said...


Great site! I agree, it's a very cool series.


Robin Norgren-Life Coach Living in Arizona said...

I appreciate so much that you reach back and give a step up for newbies like me-thank you.