Social Networking Fatigue Syndrome

The Incomparable Lily Tomlin as Ernestine

Is it just me, or after a while does social networking start to feel like a huge, annoying chore? I used to get emails from friends, now I get messages, tweets, virtual cocktails, meaningless quiz requests, meaningless quiz results and TMI wall posts. I spend far too much time accepting or denying friends and followers, answering random messages, approving comments, deleting application requests, Tweeting and posting and blathering on and on about the most minute and inane details of my day to day life...ugh. Does anybody really care, and if they do...why?! I'm not here for the virtual cocktails...I'm here for the Fine Art of Shameless Self Promotion. If ya wanna chat, shoot me an email. If ya wanna get me a drinky, give me a real one, please! I love you...truly...but I absolutely do not give a flying you know what through a rolling donut what your five favorite breakfast cereals are.

I think I've developed Social Networking Fatigue Syndrome.

"I grow weary of the Interwebs." She says in her best Scarlett O'Hara voice bringing the back of her hand up to her forehead and making a rather largish sigh.

I need a Social Networking Assistant. Someone efficient, charming and ruthless. One day when I grow up I’ll be a big time Lifestyle Expert, NYT Best Selling Author, TV Host and International Celebrity with a horde of assistants and people who get paid to tell me I’m cute and smart. People who will laugh really loudly at my lame jokes and make my hair look good every day.

Someone will carry my umbrella when it rains and lug my bags through the airport...someone will clean my house, landscape my yard, care for my animals and cook gourmet meals...whip my flabby arse into shape and keep my face from falling...someone will organize my paperwork and keep my studio together...’s nice to dream...and no I can’t hire you so don’t Facebook message me about it. I can barely pay myself!

Until tomorrow...craft on with your bad selves!



Jenn Mason said...

Oh, I so feel your pain. I think I need a pro bono assistant. Do they have those? I'll be in touch very soon to help you with your shameless self-promotion. Are you planning on attending CHA Summer?
talk soon!

Margot Potter said...

Looking forward to hearing from you!

They're called interns and if you've got a local may be able to score an art student! I'll be at CHA and the Super Show! See you there.


Wendy T. Gibson said...

I will have to ReTweet this! lol.

Ring by Ring Designs said...

I totally agree. I'm not half as busy as you are and I'm finding SNM getting to be too time consuming.

Tammy said...

It can overtake your life. I try to limit it. I'm pretty much down to Twitter and Facebook, and on FB if someone send me a donut or drink or origami whatever, I ignore it. If you talk about something I'm interested in and I manage to catch it great (like this post ;) but otherwise, say la vee :)

OmegaJune said...

Well said. All those crazy apps are more for the younger population to keep them occupied. I always ignore them, but you're right when you say it has become a chore. However I'd rather have my child playing Mafia Wars on MySpace than getting into trouble in the streets. So for a "Shameless Self Promoter" like yourself, I don't think anyone would notice if you ignore all those "Who-gives-a-you-know-what" requests on the social networking sites.

Melody said...

I'm not on all the popular social networking sites. I always wondered how people keep up with their real lives and their cyber lives. I'm on a few message boards that cater to my interest. Also how do people keep up with all the blogs? I had to unsubscribe to many. Then subscribe to multiblog blogs so I can keep up.

FunkyMonkey Girls said...

I really won't apply for Twitter and my facebook is mine, not the business which I am sure will change once I move into new house!

Too bad we can't have brownies doing it and the housework that I know I need done:) LOL

Funky Monkey Girl,

Margot Potter said...

It's good to know I'm not alone! As for the blogging, it's part of my job. Blogging is how I get my name out there and virally market my brand. I schedule it into my work day.

It's finding balance. Facebook and Twitter are great PR tools...but they can be time suckers.


jafabrit said...

I enjoy fb in a limited way, as a means to just keep track of my fave people. I am finding it difficult to keep up with all the blogs and have cut back because it was consuming my time. It is hard too because there are blogs and bloggers I truly like, such as yours. I am finding that it is the same for others , or maybe my blog has lost its zip but my visitors stats are very very low. Not stressing about that though. I am kind of taking things slow lately anyway. so I guess what I am saying after all this dribbling on is that I understand.

TesoriTrovati said...

I am right there with you! That made me laugh...remember that episode on Seinfeld when Cosmo got that intern? That would make life sweeter! I have been doing some research for some presentations lately on social networking for a group I am the Ed Coord of and I actually found where companies are hiring a "Community Manager" who is the social networking diva. Someone who knows all about the brand and wants to blog and twit and IM and email and basically keep up with it all. But the shameless self-promotion is the real key isn't it? I am there with you! I agree that if you want to buy me a drink or a bouquet of flowers or even have a pillow fight I would rather you do it in person. Otherwise, don't bother me. And if I ever do meet you in person, I will buy you that drink...whatever your poison! Enjoy the day Miss Margot!

cindy shea said...



Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I now have three emeil accounts because of that. One for family one for friends and one for everything else. Like newsletters and stuff well i love your post ( as always) well bye.

Laura K. Aiken said...

Oh Madge you are so right and so funny. I just blurted the same thing off to someone the other day. It's apart of the office/studio at home life. I don't Twitter much but do try for the other ones. That is going to really slow down soon though. I will have a new working studio away from my home, with no internet or computer. I SHUDDER at the thought and also give a sigh of relief!

Anonymous said...

I'm so with you! Who cares what someone is doing every second of the day?? I don't, even if you were my bestest friend. I stick to my fav jewelry/craft bloggers - that takes up enough time as it is. Lest we forget, is there any privacy anymore?....
Thanks for your great blogs.
sandi / jewelry creator

lunedreams said...

Virtual cocktails are just cruel. I think about vodka cranberry then all day. And I don't get the kidnap thing? It's like a Tamagotchi. Take me to Capetown FOR REAL. Not sure how sending a Jenny Appleseed saves the rainforest, and I get hugs and kisses and angels from people I didn't think even liked me. I do enjoy dropping one-liners on Twitter though. It's like standup without the rejection.

Alexa said...

I hear ya. While I love it so, I literally do it for myself and the company I work for on and off all day. It seems these days, rewards will come to me, but it all depends on how you link back and forth and back and forth and retweet and post to profile, etc., etc. I'm thinking that ther will be a backlash at some point. It's just simply very hard to keep up with... I think I read somewhere that we are getting 2 hours less sleep than 5 years ago... um, I think I know why (well for me atleast).

Anonymous said...

Really? I can hire someone to tell me I'm cute? ;)

What I really need is a Twitter/SM ghost reporter.

Anonymous said...

Really? I can hire someone to call me cute? ;)

What I really need is a clone to do all of my ghost SM reporting!