New Lava Rock beads from Rings n Things

The folks from Rings‘nThings sent me some samples to peruse for the month of April. I’m a big fan of lava rock. I particularly like it with shiny or sparkly things, because I love the contrast. As soon as I saw these brown puffy pillow beads I immediately wanted to wrap them up in shiny wire, and so I did. Usually I like ordered wire work, but this more organic, chaotic look works well here. I’m a big fan of less is more...when I’m not celebrating more is more. I just don’t like that place in between where it’s just sort of neither more nor less.

This is a less is more idea.

Lava rock and 20 gauge Beadalon
German style wire come together to make a striking pair of earrings to complement a funky summer outfit. ‘Boho’ keeps threatening to make a serious come back and these would rock (pardon the pun) with a smock topped maxi dress, some strappy goddess platform sandals and your hair braided and curled in a Botticelli inspired updo.

They also sent some samples of the two newest CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements colors
Indian Pink and Dark Indigo. Click on the links to go see! Both are quite yummy indeed. I was going to mix it all together and I could have added a crystal or two to the wire, but less was more yesterday.

Tomorrow...all bets are off.

If you’d like a generous sampling of round and rondelle shaped brown lava rock beads and some German style wire to make your own cool jewels, leave a comment below and I’ll announce the winner next Friday. Make sure you check back, I can’t hunt you down all over the vast interwebs. If you win it’s up to you to contact me.



Ring by Ring Designs said...

I saw those lava rocks in the Rings and Things catalog and thought the same thing - simple. I really like them. (The lava rocks and your earrings)

Wendy T. Gibson said...

The Boho-ness DOES rock! Love it! My children, Pink and Indigo, hope I win. They don't realize that I couldn't/wouldn't miss an installation of your very interesting and amusing creativity and that offering me gifts is just icing on the cake.
On that note, thanks for the chance for the icing, too!

Anonymous said...

I would love some beads and wire...count me in! Sally

Margot Potter said...

I'm leaving a comment here for June. Good luck!


~Donna~ said...

Ooooh, I love those lava rock beads and what you've done with them for the earrings. Simple but gorgeous. Want!

Nancy Sabina said...

Very cool. I love to be inspired by something new.

Debbie said...

Very interesting beads and I like what you did with them. I would love to have some.

Shai Williams said...

Very cool beads!! Please enter me!

I also wanted to let know you know that the book I won arrived and boy was it worth waiting for. Anyone that hasn't checked out "Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed" is really missing out. Be sure to grab a copy right away as the designs are to die for.

Karin said...

Great design. I was going to comment even before I saw the contest. I've been hooked on the 12mm round lava rocks for a while, now.

AJ said...

I love lava rocks! They really fit with my simple but quirky jewelry style.

Dave Robertson said...

Not only boho but also really modern-art-ish, which is also diggable. Nice work Margot!

(@Rings_Things on Twitter)

herbette said...

I really would love to play with some lava rocks! I too am usually a very "neat" wire wrap fan, but the more organic "nesty" feel really compliments the lava. The indiga crystals are gorgeous!

Wendy T. Gibson said... it next Friday yet? : D

Margot Potter said...

Sorry Folks...the ten balls I've been juggling all week kinda got away from me.

I'll announce the winner today...Saturday.