More Fun with Wire!

Copyright 2006 Margot Potter for Beadalon
Copyright 2006 Margot Potter for Beadalon
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Here are two exposed wire bracelet designs I made three years ago for Beadalon. I'm working on instructions so these can finally go live on the Beadalon website. It's funny to revisit designs- on many levels. Firstly you see how much you've progressed in your techniques, secondly you sometimes realize you were on to something interesting and it's worth revisiting and finally you often like your work better in retrospect. By the time I've spent a few days on a piece, I'm often rather tired of it. I can't "see" it anymore. This is why I parade my work in front of my family and ask for their honest assessments. Then I get mad and make pouty faces if they don't like what I've created.

I'm a Leo, we're annoying like that.

I'm very excited to take both of these techniques further. The first uses thick Beadalon silver plated wire and two hole spacers to create an interesting ladder effect. The focal element is a fair trade ceramic bead from
Kazuri West and it inspired a unique color palette of CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements. I think this technique could be beautiful with larger beads and longer spacers...maybe with more beads. Everytime you make a change to these tension ideas, you have to rework everything. It's the tension of the wire in the crimp beads, along with the way the spacers are suspended that makes this design stay stiff and crisp on your wrist. If the tension isn't right, it'll flip and flop and lose structure. Though they look simple, it's a lot of engineering and trial and error that goes into getting these right.

The second design opens a whole host of possibilities. This reminds me of the Cat's Cradle we used to make with string as kids. I want to keep exploring this one. What if I add more wires and weave a tube? What if I use more beads, bigger beads, smaller beads? I'm not mad for these seed beads...I think this design would look much better with gemstones or crystals. What if it was all beaded and didn't have exposed wire?

Are you seeing where my mind is heading?

The instructions for these will go live sometime in the near future. I promise to share the links.

I'm on QVC Friday EARLY in the 1 o'clock am EST hour with two items. It's a Pink Ribbon Jewelry show. Tune in if you're awake! The host and I are both in allergy/asthma overdrive so it could make for some interesting live TV.

Until next time...craft on with your bad selves.



Wendy T. Gibson said...

Appreciate the thought processes as always. And yes,that sounds very Leo! lol Thank you!

Margot Potter said...



Christina said...

Contrags on QVC! I'll be looking forward to reading the tutorial on your 2 bracelets.

Have a great weekend!

Margot Potter said...


I'll post the links when they go live. They're really fun techniques.


Aileen said...

Thanks for inspiring me! Please stop by my blog to receive your sparklie crown!

Happy Creating!


Shai Williams said...

I really like the cat's cradle and am looking forward to the instructions on that one. And yes I can just see it using Swarkies rather then seed beads.

Lora said...

This looks amazing. Thank you very much for posting this.