Final Free Jewelry Project from Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed by designer Fernando Dasilva

Here's the final free project/sneak peek into the fabulous new book Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed by Fernando Dasilva, Katie Hacker and Margot Potter from FW Media and North Light Books! I'll be giving away one final copy of the book with a set of 2 ocean blue tear drop multi color CRYSTALLIZED-Swarovski elements pendants like the ones shown above! Leave a comment and I'll announce the winner here next Tuesday before we head off for our Jamaican getaway! Last week's winner is: Shaiha of Love Romances and More blog. Please email me at with your snail mail address so I can get your prize out to you!

Design by Fernando Dasilva
Golden Glow earrings
Featured items: Satin gold cube bead bumpers, German style wire, pinch bails, modern ear posts

Copyright 2009 Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed for North Light Books by Fernando Dasilva, Katie Hacker and Margot Potter

Fernando says, "My mother never goes out in public without at least a pair of earrings. I know there are many women like her, and that led me to envision a pair of slim and elegant drop earrings suitable for many occasions. I paired polished surfaces with rubber textures. The result, I think, is an updated version of the traditional drop earring. Incorporating the square Crystallized™-Swarovski Elements buttons with teardrop crystals and satin gold bead bumpers™ results in an edgy but wearable design."

14mm light Colorado topaz square crystal buttons
24 x 12mm Terrenum long tear drop crystal pendants
14 4mm gold plated light weight
jump rings
2 gold plated
modern ear post
4 gold plated pinch bails
50 1.7mm satin gold cube bead bumpers
16” 24 gauge gold plated
German style wire

Beadstrom™ chain nose pliers
Beadstrom™ round nose pliers
Beadstrom™ flush cutter

Mighty crimp tool

1. Use the outside jaw of the mighty crimper tool to attach 1 pinch bail to each hole of one square button. Be gentle using the crimper tool otherwise the edges of the button will chip.

2. Attach one pinch bail to the long tear drop; use the same techniques applied on step 1.

3. Using chain nose pliers wrap one of the tips of German style wire to the tear drop assembled on step 2; place the tip of wire into the edge of pinch bail and turning around its neck twice; trim excess wire and tuck the tip under the wrapped portion.

4. String 25 gold satin bead bumpers onto the German style wire; wrap around the tear drop on vertical position and finish the same way was done in step 3. Make sure the wire was wrapped tightly around the crystal tear drop and then trim excess wire.

5. Open 1 4mm round jump rings and slide through tear drop’s pinch bail ring and then close gently. Attach a second jump ring following same directions.

6. Open a 6mmm round jump ring and string 4 bead bumpers into it.

7. Repeat step 5 to attach 2 others 4mm round jump rings to square button pinch bail and then attach it to 6mm jump ring;

8. Attach the portion finished on step 7 to 2 round jump rings and then attached to a single jump ring previously attached to modern ear post;

9. Repeat all steps for second earring.

Fernando's Tips
* Use the tip of chain nose pliers to create a subtle kink to the side of the German style wire adding an extra interesting feature around the tear drop crystal. It will end up with a sort of a lightening shaped design.
* Space bead bumpers strung onto the 6mm jump ring to add enhanced texture.
* You are welcome to replace button shape (e.g. round or oval) and also to create a different color contrast.

There are detailed step by step photos in the book!


~Donna~ said...

Oooh...those earrings are pretty! I've enjoyed seeing the projects from the book that you have been featuring here on your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Jamaica sounds so good. A great place to wear the earrings. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous earrings! And Jamaica? Not fair. It's 4 degrees here this morning!

Shai Williams said...

Thank you so much for picking my name! I am really looking forward to wandering thru this book and seeing all these fantastic projects!

Anonymous said...

I love these earrings! I am going to have to get the book!

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