Back in the Saddle Again!

We got in last night from Jamaica. We had a lovely time. Except for Dad because he got sick. Up until said sickness, Dad had a lovely time too. I have stories to share and pics to show, but my straw pile got rather large while I was away and there are deadlines that simply must be met regardless of vacations. I shall return hopefully sooner than later to regale you with tall tales and stories of derring do.

And no...I did not really go to the nude beach. I'd burn like a hush puppy at a fish fry if I did, but I couldn't resist the photo op

Pssst: If you're waiting for a blog prize package from me, I promise to ship them out this week. I got a little behind and ran out of time!)



Robin Beam said...

YAY!!!! She's back! Missed you!


Mahala said...

It's a great picture! I wouldn't be able to do that either.
Glad you''re back, but sorry you have to get back to life after vacation.

Anonymous said...

Margot, LOVE that pic! You should never had told us you didn't go, but let us keep guessing! Teri