Where Have All the Necklaces Gone?!

Jeff Vespa
Taraji P. Henson in vintage Fred Leighton necklace

My computer modem died unceremoniously Sunday morning. I’m not sure how a technophobe such as myself (who didn’t even have email until 5 years ago) has become so...okay I’ll admit it...addicted to the internet! I couldn’t work from home if I didn’t have the internet. I need it lightening fast and I need it fully functional.

So when my internet access goes down...I go into a panic. Thankfully my hubby was back from his 10 day trek in the UK and he helped get me back online!

I did manage to stop panicking long enough to enjoy the Oscars last night. That was, without doubt, the coolest Oscars EVER! The stage was unbelievable! The way they gave away the acting awards was brilliant! And how the hell does Sophia Loren still look like that? I’ll have what she’s having...please! Hugh Jackman was the perfect touch of old Hollywood style class. Oh and that crystal curtain...magnifique! I want one in my house! Because a giant Swarovski Strauss curtain fits so well in a 128 year old Amish school house.

I have to admit when I watch the Oscars I really miss acting. I have practiced my acceptance speech a zillion times usually with a hair brush and not a bottle of shampoo like Kate Winslet, but I could so relate! I truly hope to get back to that career when my daughter is in college. By then I’ll be ready for the cool character roles, which are by far the most interesting. My lovely daughter has been bitten by the acting bug and I think she was planning her speech while we watched the Oscars together. I'm so excited for her because she got the role of Cogsworth in Beauty and the Beast Jr. and that's exactly what she wanted. I love that kid!

My only complaint about the Oscars this year is the same as it was for the Grammys...where were the necklaces?! I saw two really cool designs and two safe but pretty designs and one that was far too small and then a whole lot of bare necks and a few sets of fabulous earrings (Angelina Jolie’s emeralds anyone?!) If you can’t wear diamonds, how about giving costume jewelry a whirl? Prada has those fabulous sewn on fabric crystal designs right now and what about Tom Binns or Erikson Beamon or Justin Guinta? I’m mad for the suddenly huge variety of costume jewelry on the runways and in the fashion mags, but why isn’t anyone sporting it to the awards shows? We get it that no one wants to look too ostentatious in this economy, so highlight some of the work of folks who aren’t afraid to take risks with non-precious materials. Ya don’t need to wear diamonds to look chic; in fact I refuse to ever wear them.

If I ran the world...it’d be far more sparkly and there would be a mandate on compassion.

Oh and as for gowns, there were lots of lovely ones but I really fell for Natalie Portman’s orchid pink and Alicia Key’s pretty purple frocks. I loved the shock of color in the sea of black, white, grey and beige.

I’m plotting a necklace inspired by the breathtaking 19th century Fred Leighton collar actress Taraji P. Hansen wore (see above.) I think her floral collar and the scrumptious 1950s diamond, emerald and ruby Fred Leighton necklace Amy Adams wore were both stunning. As soon as I get it made, I’ll post it here with instructions. Check back this week for the winners of the contests, a new free project from Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed and a free project from Beyond the Bead all with fab free prizes!

Until then...craft on with your bad selves!



Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you about bare necks, ick! It's one thing if, say, you have some whooper earrings and double up on large bracelets as well, but that's rarely the case. Ditto and diamonds too. Besides the questionable issue of where they came from, there are so many other choices in stones that have great color, like rubies.

sf said...

Amy Adams necklace was AWEsomely crazy beautiful. Luved it muchly. Missed necklaces, but I DO have major ishs with diamonds. Emeralds are my birthstone, so Angelina ROCKED my world, literally.

Ring by Ring Designs said...

I agree with the comments on the lack of necklaces at the Oscars but what was 1st Lady Obama wearing at the Governor's black tie affair? Hard to tell from pictures but it looked like strands of white ??? pearls.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic necklace.
I love it.
Good work