Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright Choker

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright Copyright 2009 Margot Potter

Though we all know I freely worship at the temple of kitsch, on the other extreme I love to create stark, simple design. I’m a fan of the organic, striking, naturally inspired work of people like Robert Lee Morris. I like seeing how far I can pare something down to it’s most elemental level. That’s the idea here. I was given these magnetic clasp wire chokers from Rings n Things and these gorgeous Venetian glass beauties from Venetian Bead Shop and I wanted to make a design that allowed the beads to shine without just sliding them on the wire and calling it a day. I love these chokers. They create the perfect form for designs that move out from center because they maintain their round shape even when beaded. The idea here was the wire tendrils look like tiger claw scratches to match the tiger stripe theme in the pendant. Feel free to add a bunch more of the tendrils, this is your basic concept and you can take it where you like! If you get my new book Beyond the Bead, I show you how to hammer metal shaping wire into these funky tendrils on a mini anvil with a chasing hammer. Once you can do that, it’s just a matter of cutting up rubber tubing and sliding tubes, tendrils and a pendant on this wire that already comes with a magnetic clasp.

Why yes indeedy do, it’s another easy peasy lemon squeezy idea from The Impatient Crafter™!

Leave a comment and I’ll select someone to win two Rings n Things wire chokers, a package of Beadalon German gold plated wire and two stunning Venetian glass beads!

Who loves free stuff? I do! I do!



Dave Robertson said...

Hi Margot, please don't give me the chokers :) but let me say this: Holy cow, what beautiful jewelry you've made with them. Gorgeous!

at Rings & Things

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

beautiful! I would love the chance to win. Thank you.

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

Dawno said...

I keep getting dragged out of my 'beading comfort zone' by great inspirational ideas like the one you've shown. (Sent here by Dave's Tweet, btw)

I'm thinking, instead of the natural, organic concept trying something that radiates like it but is more angular...the word that comes to mind is 'architectural' but that's not quite it either...I'm visualizing reds and blacks and silver on the red choker form - sort of Mondrian.

barbe said...

Gorgeous! Very Moderne, which I love.

And hey-I'd love to see Dave modeling this!!! come on Dave!

Dave Robertson said...

Barbe, do you think it'll go with my metal trade-bead hair (see pic)?? And I'm really doubtful about the earrings...

:) --Dave

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

I love the title of your piece, and the design is just beautiful! I haven't touched my beadwork in a long while (I chalk it up to winter blues lol), but you inspire me to see what new little bitties I can come up with :).

Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent!

Penny \IiiI
Texan landed in Michigan

Ncognito said...

I love your book, "The Impatient Beader, Easy Jewelry Projects for the Busy Beginner"! Inspired by the President Obama Florida town hall meeting let me jump up and down and yell, "PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME!"

jeanne's gems said...

Just discovered you and your website. You are now bookmarked and I will return. Looking forward to buying your book when my self-imposed moratorium is over. (my husband is getting a little upset with my obsession)

Ring by Ring Designs said...

Oh, I have some of those magnetic chokers from Rings and Things and didn't seem to come up with anything good to do with them. Thanks for the inspiration.

Alexa said...

This is awesome. Love your minimal approach!

Becky said...

Ooh, I'm loving this! Especially the wire squiggles. And yesterday's earrings, too.

Shai Williams said...

Love the necklace and the idea!! Please pick me for the drawing as have all these ideas floating about.

postal orphan said...

More gorgeous creations - thank you so much for sharing! And thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

Awesome giveaway!!!! Please enter my name in your giveaway.
Thank you Rita