Golden Globe Favorites!

We watched part of the Golden Globe awards last night. Mostly I found the dresses to be rather blah or odd, though there were a few pretty fabulous frocks. I don't understand why women wear strapless dresses without a necklace, it never quite works. That's a space just begging for some adornment. We don't want them to tone it down this year, we need them to be extra gorgeous, think Hollywood in the Great Depression. We all know they're borrowing the bling anyway! That being said I was mad for Beyonce and Eva Mendes collar necklaces and I'm devising a couple of wire and crystal pieces inspired by these stunning pieces. I'm not a diamond gal, don't like the way that industry is run, but I do like to sparkle.

Beyonce in a stunning Lorraine Schwartz necklace

Eva Mendes in a gorgeous Van Cleef and Arpels necklace (sorry I couldn't get a close up shot!)

I spent the better part of the weekend on kits for classes and demo materials for the CHA show and the Tucson Gem Show. It's a carp load of work my friends. Thankfully my hubby stepped in to count tiny crystals for the 50 kits for CHA, I'd never have finished without his help. Thanks honey!

More show prep and some other projects are calling me, so I must away. Thank you again to all of you who posted the links to my classes. I surely hope some folks sign up! Oh and in case you missed it, I posted a new video I appeared in for my friend Rebecca Peck and Streuter yesterday.



Ring by Ring Designs said...

Oh, Madge, I'm with you on the strapless gown with out necklaces. Granted they have beautiful necks but they just scream for a necklace. Perhaps, no one offered to let them wear one and thus they were bare.

Jai Johnson • JaiArt.Com said...

Totally agree about the gowns without necklaces...gotta have something *gorgeous* there to fill that space. :)