More Crafty Quickies!

Hey there, hi there, ho there Happy Crafters!

It's a great day in the crafty neighborhood because we have two more Crafty Quickies for your enjoyment! Up first we have 'How to Assemble an Earring' (I know you may be thinking that's easy but some folks may find it confusing.) Next up is 'How to use an EZ Crimp Clasp.' Hopefully once we get our painting finished, those curtains made and we deck the halls with boughs of holly from the side yard, we'll get to work on more of these. Feedback so far has been great and if there are simple jewelry making techniques that have you stumped, let us know. After jewelry we'll move on to other general craft basics and expand from there.

I'll be back with more fabulous free Holiday projects to spark your creative fire!

Until then...craft on with your bad selves!


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