The Impatient Crafter Free Holiday Craft Project Birds of a Feather Ornament

The Impatient Crafter™
Free Holiday Craft Project
Birds of a Feather Ornament
Copyright 2008 Margot Potter

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Two tiny red cardinals perch on a snowy branch suspended from a wire and crystal wrapped handle. This charming ornament is simple to make with a little basic wire wrapping skill and some easy to find and use basic craft supplies.

12 6mm crystal ab
CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements flower beads
1 pewter twig
2 feathered cardinals Nicole™ Mini Tree Treasures
Glass Glitter Shards Krystallos Barbara Trombly's
6” 16 gauge ColourCraft Wire Beadalon®
36” 24 gauge fine German Wire

Wire cutters
Chain nose pliers
Paint Brush or small spatula

1. Create the handle on twig using 16 or 18 gauge craft wire. Wrap wire around one end of twig three times tightly. Bend into a handle and repeat wrapping process on other side. Use fingers to bend wire gently creating some movement and interest in the shape. Cut off any excess wire. Tuck the wire tails under with chain nose pliers.

2. Wrap 24 gauge German style plated wire around one side of handle about 3 times. Continue to wrap it around the length of the handle leaving space between your loops.

3. When you reach the other side, wrap it tightly twice around bottom of handle, wrap back up about ten times coiling it around base wire.
Thread a flower bead on wire. Position bead toward the front of the wire again leaving space and wrap around the base wire 3 times tightly.

4. Continue wrapping and adding beads leaving space between each beaded segment. The idea is to leave the wire underneath exposed for a vine like effect.

5. When you reach the opposite side wrap the wire around about 10 times, cut the excess wire and tuck it under with chain nose pliers. This wrapping doesn’t have to be perfectly perfect, in fact the less perfect, the more rustic and primitive this design will be. It’s up to you how you want it to look!

6. Paint snow on branch using the non-bristle end of a paintbrush to apply in chunks. Put as much snow as you like on the branch, some will come off after you add the birds and you can reapply carefully then.

7. Sprinkle the wet snow with a liberal dose of glitter. Allow to dry for several hours or overnight.
8. Use wires on birds to wrap them around the branch. You will lose some snow, reapply after the birds are secure on the branch and allow snow medium to dry again.

9. As always, after hanging on your tree, enjoy a tasty hot buttered rum, egg nog or beverage of your choice! Perhaps with a side of sugar cookies...

Until next time...craft on with your bad selves.



gail said...

Hi Margot,,, I love this ornament! Its soooo cute. I hope your having great holidays! (())gail

Leslie Gidden said...

Oh Margot! I LOVE THIS! But, I am a Cardinals fan after all, being from St. Louis. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Leslie said...

Wow, another winner! Your creations are always gorgeous!!!

Margot Potter said...

Thank all of you for your kind comments! This was one of those flash of inspiration things when I saw the tiny cardinals. I had the twigs and the snow already and it all sort of came together.


Ring by Ring Designs said...

Cardinals are so eye catching. I love the ornament and the idea in general. Thanks

Anonymous said...

So cute! We have cardinals down here in our yard all of the time.

Jane said...

With all the broken branches and limbs on the ground after last week's major ice storm here in Massachusetts, I oughtta be able to find some good twigs to make lots of these to give as little gifts! Thanks for the inspiration!

Margot Potter said...

Bev, Tammy and Jane

Thank you!

Happy Holidaze!