The Impatient Crafter™ Free Holiday Craft Project Mini Wreath Wine Bottle Ornament

Greetings and Salutations!

It's time for yet another simply fabulous holiday craft project idea from yours truly! Huzzah! I think this the perfect hostess gift. A yummy bottle of vino and a festive ornament they'll treasure long after the wine is gone. So drink up, Buttercup!
The Impatient Crafter™ Free Holiday Craft Project
Mini Wreath Wine Bottle Ornament
Copyright 2008 Margot Potter
See photos below for details of steps-click on images to view close up!

Halloween and Christmas are some of the best times to score cheap vintage craft supplies at your local thrift shops. I got a bag full of random fun last week and inside I found these awesome 3” resin wreaths. I attended a cocktail party on Friday night and brought a bottle of champagne for the hosts. I started to pick up an overpriced wine gift bag at the liquor store when I stopped myself. Come on, crafty sista, you can make something! Thusly, this mini wreath wine bottle ornament idea was born.

3” mini wreath (This is a link to a 3" styrofoam wreath, you'll need to add a screw eye hanger)
Fuzzy wired strand (available at big box chains)
Wired gold thin ribbon
20 gauge Colourcraft wire
42 6mm light rose ab CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements bicones
Art Chix Studios Faux Postage (or vintage image of your choice)
Vivid green cardstock
Ranger Paint Dabbers in raspberry
Inkadinkado flourish stamp (you know, the stamp I can not stop using)

Chain nose pliers
Wire cutters
1. Cut off about a 3’ length of fuzzy wire, if you run out you can patch more in as you wrap. Begin by wrapping wire tightly around the top of the wreath, wrapping the wire over the tail to conceal it.

2. Continue wrapping wire around wreath, making sure not to leave any exposed spaces.

3. When you reach the other side, tuck the tail into the back of the wreath and cut off any excess wire.

4. Cut off a 2’ length of Colourcraft wire. Wrap it around top of wreath and twist end around core wire to conceal.

5. Thread six crystal bicones on the wire, leaving the back wire bead free, wrap the beads around the front of the wreath. You want to create tension so the beads stay in place.

6. Leave about 1” between beaded segments, continuing to thread on six bicones and wrap wire around back of wreath. When you reach the 7th section, wrap the wire tail into and around the original core wire tucking any tails into the wreath with your chain nose pliers.

7. Select your Faux Postage image and cut out. Place this on your card stock and trace around leaving a 1/8” edge around image. Cut out.

8. Apply paint dabber to stamp. Stamp on cardstock and allow to dry.

9. Adhere postage stamp to cardstock.

10. Punch a hole at the top right corner of your stamp.

11. Cut a 4” length of gold wired ribbon and tie it around the top of your wreath.

12. Thread the right end into the postage stamp gift tag and tie the ribbon into a bow. Use your fingers to give the ribbon dimension.

13. Thread a 6” length of fuzzy wire into loop at top of wreath. If your wreath doesn’t have a loop, you can screw one into the wreath at the top or create one with craft wire.

14. Wrap fuzzy wire around neck of wine bottle, sign card and get thee to the party!


jafabrit said...

What a lovely idea!

SecondChanceChicken said...

Very festive and you can alter it with a variety of colors and types of beads:)

Anonymous said...

that is simply brilliant! I love it
Plaidbunny said...

Oh what a fun idea, I love it! I'll be linking.

Unknown said...

Super Cutio, Margot! Love the idea, might have to kidnap it for this year's gift bottles!