The Impatient Crafter™ Free Holiday Craft Idea Instant Ancestor Frame

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'A Victorian photograph is scanned, printed, hand tinted, cut out and placed in a frame that is encrusted with CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements. Voila! Your great, great, great Aunt Beulah never looked so good. Amaze your friends with fascinating stories mined from your “family history.” I won’t tell if you don’t!'

This is a fun and simple re-crafted gift idea you can whip up in an hour or two that looks like it cost a small fortune. Use old broken rhinestone jewelry, chains and beads to save money or you buy new sparklies if you prefer. I did this project for a magazine a few years back and it’s still a personal favorite. You’ll need Beadalon Colourcraft 20 gauge wire, a filigree style gunmetal frame, various elements to embellish your frame, gun metal findings from Rings 'n Things and a vintage Victorian era image. To wrap the crystals around the edges, bead the wire as you go along the way, leaving the backside unembellished and keep the wire fairly tight. Don't make it too tight or you'll break the crystals, yes it takes a little trial and error so practice with cheaper beads! The other items are secured with wire that is twisted with chain nose pliers and tucked into the back of the frame.

You can find these old images at antique shops, in Dover books or at permission free image sources online. I’ve been collecting them for years. My great grandfather was a famous photographer who specialized in hand tinted images; some of his work is in the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I’ve always found hand tinted photos incredibly fascinating and have played with making them for years using eye shadows, markers and pastels. You can also consider hand tinting a black and white print of a modern image for this project. Adapt this idea to suit your needs; that’s what projects from the The Impatient Crafter™ are all about!

Until next time...craft on with your bad selves!



Dave Robertson said...

- Hi Margot, I have some ancestors who I think would be grateful to get this treatment. At least I would be!

:-) Dave
at Rings & Things

Belle Adorn said...

Awesome idea! I want to get some old photos organized for a display. I'm sure this will spur me on to get it done. Thanks, Tina