The Last Free The Impatient Crafter Halloween Craft Project of 2008

Copyright 2006 Margot Potter for Create Your Style with CRYSTALLIZED-Swarovski Elements

This is my final, final Halloween craft post. This one is pretty intense and seemed like the perfect ending to the Free Halloween Craft Projects for this year. I created this for Swarovski's International Brazil and Russia themed Create Your Style publication two years ago. My challenge was to make designs based on Russia. This is my Baba Yaga necklace. She is the crone/witch figure in Russian mythology. I really, really love this design. If you really want to see it, you need to click on it and view it in close up. You could surely modify it for a costume or make a smaller and less intense version for yourself. I wanted it to be feral, wild, magical and mysterious, like the Baba Yaga herself.

I created this necklace on a memory wire base with thin leather strips that cascade from the center and thick rubber tubing concealing the wire on the back. It's very heavy, so I added a clasp. It 's embellished with
black crystal stars, clear crystal moons in two sizes and hand crafted Sculpey polymer clay bones. Each bone is wrapped with black ColourCraft wire and red, black and clear crystal rounds. The bones were tinted with Walnut Ink and sealed with Mod Podge after baking and I used pliers to tighten the wires around each bone. I used gun metal eye pins to create a bail on each bone, bending them before inserting them into the formed clay. Each item is attached using jump rings knotted into the leather. This is a very time consuming Haute Couture style piece, but the journey I took while making it was incredible.

I'll be back with the Linky Love tomorrow!

Until then...craft on with your bad selves.



Dave Robertson said...

Margot, [pointy witch] hats off! This is the high point of your Halloween series. Really attractive! Thanks again for mentioning our gunmetal stuff...and happy Halloween...

at Rings & Things

Margot Potter said...


Thank you! I actually miss this piece.

Happy to mention you. Love you guys! I need to place an order soon, I'm totally out of heavy duty jump rings!


Melissa J. Lee said...

Oooh, I love it! I tried to estimate how long it is - about 40"?? Am I even close? I would love to see the piece modeled.

LissC said...

oh my gosh that looks like so much fun!!! thanks so much for sharing!