Hello, Craftinistas!

We wanted to stop by and let you know that we've moved! We are no longer  posting new content on this platform. We have a new multi-media website:

Mornings with Madge

Mornings with Madge is all about content that inspires conversation. We’re pushing the envelope, poking at the seams, and hoping to get people talking. Eventually we plan to host live streaming video events and to share off the cuff interviews with people who have taken the road less traveled and found a way to do what they love and make a living doing it. We’re starting small, but thinking big.

We moved, and we hope you’ll move with us. Visit us on Mornings with Madge, and take a peek.


1 comment:

Cathey McRory said...

Hi Madge! Sounds like a get together i don't want to miss. I'm fiftyish too. lol
Looooking forward to it! Cathey-Tampa,Fl.