In Search of SEO!

Yes, I'm in search of SEO.  Call Leonard Nimoy. But first, here is today's offering from Miss Madge's Share the Love Initiative!  This looks to be from the 1930s, there's a Shirley Temple-esque vibe here.  I've saved it as a png file.  Enjoy and as always, if you make something with this, I'd love to see it!

Tune in tomorrow, Miss Avalon turned some old tin cans into a fresh new set of containters for her powder room counter!  They're tres chic and a do ra ble, much like the maker.  I'll have a teaser pic and a free digital download here and the full tutorial will be on the iLTC blog!

And now for something completely different...le blogge.

Last week, I installed a dedicated URL to this blog.  I was using the blog as my website for about a year with my addy, but then I started the retail site and this went back to the old blogspot URL. As of last week, this is, but alas, I've lost traction.  The blog is set to redirect, which means if you click on an old link, it takes you to the new address.  It's the same blog, in the same place, just the address is different. This small change has affected my traffic, significantly and links from Pinterest now all include a warning when you click on them.  Ergh.  So yes, now I'm in search of SEO and I'm afraid it's not on Blogger.

Frustrated?  Uh, yeah.  You could say that.

I have hit a turning point, and I think the only solution is to abandon this ship and move to WordPress.  With almost 1000 posts, moving the entire blog will be a big undertaking.  But there are apps for that!


I'll be here until I can get it all ready to roll, but get ready to move with me in the near future. You won't actually have to do anything.  Isn't that fabulous?

So tell me, dear reader, what do like in a blog?  Do you like a magazine style with  a main page with teaser pics and links?  Are you more of a simple, clean Tumblr blog fan?  Do you like a clean white background?  Do you like bright colors or soft colors?  Do you like cute blogs, clean blogs, quirky blogs?  Do you like cute little details, matching widgets, big logo, little logo, ads, no ads?  When you visit a blog, besides great content, what makes you feel like sticking around and what sends you packing right away? 

I realize that I can't please everyone, or even a vast majority, but I can make something stickier, search engine friendly and easier to navigate.  So that's the big goal!

Yes, I should hire a team to fix this stuff, but I lack the funds at the moment.  So it's roll up the sleeves and figure it out time!  I'm a smart cookie, I will get this figured out, galdangy.  As God is my Witness.  Come hell or high water.  When pigs have wait, not that one, sorry.



Cyn said...

I love magazine style but I think Tumblr style is growing on me. I do very much like a clean white background - often the colours people use can hurt my eyes. Do you like bright colors or soft colors? - either unless it's so clashing and glaring that it strains my eyes. Do you like cute blogs, clean blogs, quirky blogs? - if there's great content I like all 3 but I have to say, sometimes the "cute" can get on my nerves when it's just too much. Do you like cute little details, matching widgets, big logo, little logo, ads, no ads? I don't mind ads as long as they're not so intrusive it interferes with content. As for the rest, I'm not that fussy about any of it. When you visit a blog, besides great content, what makes you feel like sticking around and what sends you packing right away? I can't stand auto playing music or video. Having to use a "captcha" code to leave a comment also makes me batty and I rarely will leave one on a blog that requires it.:) I don't mind sponsored posts that fit with the theme and content of the blog and that give me something useful - like a craft tutorial that also advertises certain products or a recipe that advertises certain products but constant posts that just read like commercials will send me packing in no time. I don't mind truncated posts where I have to click to read the rest but if I have to click again and again just to get to the content, I'll leave without reading.

Jazmin A said...

Clean, clear easy to navigate and load. Signature logo that can change to give a little pizzazz without compromising the original intent of a good site (Mostly that I can read and find what I want quickly.) Think of it as the black dress that you spruce up with a statement necklace or a pair of fabulous red heels.

Hopefully that made some sense.

Mary Ann Potter said...

Not crazy about "capcha" because the stuff is hard to read. I am not fussy about format, but I do read content. I find that responding on Word Press is impossible if you're not a "member." It won't take "unregistered" names. Weird. But hey. You go ahead and do whatever pleases you! Folks like me who really want to read your stuff will always find a way!

Margot Potter said...

Thank you Cyn, I agree, that clean Tumblr style is really appealing. It's easy on the eyes and very content focused. I also love a magazine style. It's a toss up.

Also agree on the too much cute, it can be cute overload!I agree with music and video playing.

Alas, I use Captcha here in Blogger because without it I am barraged with spam comments. Though I have comment approval, having to deal with a mountain of spam just isn't worth it for me. Another reason for moving to WordPress!


Margot Potter said...

I am with you Jazmin! Clean, clear, easy to navigate with a distinct design appeal.


Margot Potter said...

I didn't know that about WordPress, is this for org or com? I'm going to be using org.

Again, sorry for captcha, but every time I have removed it I've been barraged with spam within hours.

Thanks so much for your comments and input!


Jazmin A said...

Well hibet, if anyone would get the statement necklace over the little black dress analogy it would be you!

Jennifer Rizzo said...

I always think a move is hard with SEO until you get your heels ground back in again.

Margot Potter said...

I think you're right, Jennifer. This is the time to do it though, I can't wait anymore. I'll be having the posts and content transferred so hopefully that will help!


Claire Westcar said...

I'm pretty sure you'll get to figure it out in no time. You always did have a way of solving things without anyone's help. But your current site is really cute, I can't wait for your adjustments.

TheSeoz said...

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