How Do You Like a Blog To Look?

More vintage Valentine's goodness today in Miss Madge's Share the Love Initiative day...hmmm...what day is this?  I lost count, do forgive. 

How cute is this dapper dandy?  Anything with a doggy (especially one with a red polka dot bow) on it makes me happy.  Enjoy!  Please do share if you make something fun with this.

I am still working on the WordPress solution.  I want to use Genesis framework to optimize SEO and the themes I am perusing are all okay, but nothing is quite right.  Which means I'll have to do some customization.  What drives me batty is the assumption that all women bloggers want the same things.  It's either really super baby pink girly and cutesy blog looking or really sleek and magazine looking, I've got a hybrid of both in my head.

My old website and former blog were both lovely, but I was ever and always at the mercy of the people who designed them.  Often waiting weeks for the little tweaks I can do on my own here in Blogger.  It's a trade off.  So...away we go!  Still poking around and deciding.  I also have to move these posts without losing my SEO, which requires help from someone who knows how to do this as it's tricky!

Questions for you regarding overall blog/site design preferences.

1.  Sleek magazine style.

2. Clean and simple Tumblr style.

3.  Cute and cozy blog style.

Black and White
Softened brights

Subtle Pattern
Vibrant Pattern
Solid bright color

Content delivery:
Scrolling images at top?
Truncated or full posts?
Multiple columns?  Two columns?

Do you like to see the blogger's face on the sidebar on the front page or do you prefer to dig deeper?

Do you like social buttons at the very top, along side the header, at the top of the left or right column or in the Footer?

I am resolute in the decision to use WordPress, so the next decisions revolve around how to deliver this blog's content in the most appealing manner.



Mary Ann Potter said...

Thanks for the super-cute guy Valentine! You are indeed sharing the love. When it comes to deciding on your new blog design, you're on your own; when it comes to my reading your new blog, you have my complete, total, dedicated support! Sending hugs.

Margot Potter said...

That makes me very happy, Mary Ann!