Free Vintage Valentine Download and Studio News

Today's offering from Miss Madge's Share the Love Initiative is a cute as a bunny free vintage Valentine with some added text and a few Madge edits.  This is a png file you can use on the web or convert to a JPEG to print.  Enjoy!

And now for a few fun tidbits of STUDIO NEWS!

Today I'm featured on Things Crafty Blog in an interview about my e-book The Fine Art of Shameless Self Promotion!  Big love to Martiel Beatty for inviting me to play and asking such insightful questions.  I am literally blushing from the praise.  Aw...shucks!

Finally if you'd like to take The Fine Art of Shameless Self Promotion as a two-part live class, I'm offering it this April 2-7th at the Art Is You Mixed Media Retreat in Nashville.  There is an astonishing array of instructors and artists  at this mixed media art event (including Rice Freeman Zachery, Thomas Mann, Andrea Mateus and Michael deMeng, Bernie Berlin, Kecia Deveney, Richard Salley to name just a few,) PLUS a trunk show and special events. YEE HAW! Come play with us and let me show you how to do what you love,  love what you do and share that joy with others!


I am knee deep in my WordPress migration plans.  Stay tuned, things are getting exciting around here!  I'll have more free vintage Valentine goodies for you over the next few days too!


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