David Tutera Wedding for Darice Sneak Peek!

I was recently invited to create projects for an upcoming David Tutera Wedding Campaign for Darice!  I love his show, he turns terribly tacky ideas into fabulous dreams come true.  He seems to genuinely care about his brides and making their wedding day wonderful.

Little did I know when we shot this pic at CHA, I'd be doing this campaign!  Hee.

What you don't know is that although I've been married for 15 years, we never actually had a wedding.  We planned on doing it later, you know, when we had more money, when we were more settled, at our ten year anniversary...ten years passed and then both of our sisters got engaged and three weddings in one year seemed...well...excessive.  Time keeps passing and I keep getting older and at this point, I'd not exactly be a blushing bride.  So, that wedding may not be in the cards for us.

Am I sad about that?  Well, maybe a little.  Okay, yes.  Still, I have fifteen fabulous years of being married to a terrific guy and that's infinitely better than a great party.  Who knows...maybe on our 20th anniversary...

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical when I signed on for this project.  Mostly because I really wasn't sure what to expect from the products, but when a huge box showed up on our mountain top and I opened it up to see what was inside, well any doubts I had were immediately erased.  This line is smart, stylish and stunning.  Any bride who plans to DIY will not be disappointed, David has made it easy to create a chic and stylish wedding and make it your own.  Not surprising to anyone who has seen his show.  Plus I can see these same products being used for home decor or other soirees.

Since I'm posting my reveal on Decor Hacks, I'm going to be doing some simple inexpensive upcycled and repurposed items for an understated country inspired wedding. I know, you're thinking...what? No technicolor retrofabulosity?! 

Tune in March 6th for the link to my reveal!

Bring on the bling, baby.

Off to rest my foot, just call me Hopalong!


(Disclosure: The blogger is being compensated as part of this campaign, all opinions are 100% her own.  A gal has to butter her bread!)


Mary Ann Potter said...

Way cool, Margot! I wonder about folks who spend gazillions of dollars on a wedding and then wonder why. I'll be on the lookout for this one!

Jeanne aka Gem Chick said...

I love David Tutera! Maybe he should plan your vow renewal!
Such an exciting opportunity for you! I'm sure you'll have fun with it!
I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Terry said...

Perfect timing! I can't wait to see your designs as we are planning my youngest daughter's wedding and looking for table displays.