Warm and Cozy Crochet Crafts for DIY on the FLY

On our most recent DIY on the FLY appearance for Knoxville's WBIR Channel 10 NBC Live at Five at Four, Miss Cheryl Burchett and I shared some warm and cozy crochet craft ideas.  You may recall the infinity scarf from this tutorial I posted recently.

The Knifty Knitter is a Potter Family favorite, as it makes quick work of hats and knitted collars and there are larger looms you can use to make long scarves and blankets!  Just wrap, hook and lift over the former row of stitches.  To finish a hat, use the plastic large needle provided in the kit, a separate strand of yarn and weave the top closed by sewing the two sides together threading your needle through the top stitches, very simple to do.  Pull the yarn tight inside of the hat and tie to get a beanie style, or leave it loose knotting both ends separately to get the elfin hat I showed in the video.

The ruffle scarves are silly simple!  To crochet them, hook one loop, pull ten top loops on your hook and hook all ten, repeating until you reach the desired length.  You can find the ruffle yarn at any craft or yarn store.

Even I, the Impatient Crafter, have been hooked on crochet, it's so easy, fun and satisfying to whip up some warm and cozy crochet crafts while watching TV or traveling! If I can do it, anyone can, trust me.

Stay tuned for more DIY on the FLY with some romantic (and tasty) ideas for your Valentine and some Cabin Fever Kid's Craft ideas!


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