Madge's Share the Love Initiative

Hello, Love Muffins!

Happy Monday! 

It's that time of year when the winter blahs set in.  Christmas is over, New Year's has passed, our resolutions are becoming harder to maintain.  Skies are grey, air is cold and it's all kind of...well...meh.  But I've got something to cheer you up, Madge's Share the Love Initiative!  A loving spoonful of DIY Valentine's inspiration!

I will confess that I've had a love hate relationship with Valentine's Day for years.  But in the spirit of seizing joy and staying on the sunny side, perhaps even if you're not in love or even feeling the love, you can find some love in your heart for you.  Because you're awesome sauce, don't ya know?

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be sharing Valentine's themed DIY projects and charming images from my ephemera collection that you can use in your craft projects.  Please do not sell this image, but feel free to sell things you make with this image.

Madge's Share the Love Initiative is my little contribution to cheering up this drab time of the year.  Today's offering is a personal favorite Valentine from the 1930s.  I have it with and without text.  I didn't clean this up too much, so it still has a shabby, vintage appeal.  It's in a jpeg format.  I have an entire sheet of these vintage Valentine's (including this image) on my website...all in a downloadable pdf format.  I'm just sayin'!

And if you love this and you make something fun with it, please share it with me and I'll share it here and link back to you.  And hey, if you're feeling the love, maybe share what you made with someone else so they can feel it too.  How does that grab you?


Jean said...

so cute!!! Thank you!!!
love, jean

Mary Ann Potter said...

Ah, Valentine's Day. Elementary school: those big hand-decorated manila envelopes taped to the back of every child's chair. Everybody got a valentine from every kid in class. Teacher said so. We obeyed. College, freshman year: Flowers and sentimental cards from boyfriends -- but not from mine, a guy who barely shelled out the money for a humorous (he thought) card. These cute images far surpass that! 8-) Thanks for your generosity in your STL Initiative! 8-)

Margot Potter said...

Hooray! xoxo, Madge

Margot Potter said...

Yes, Valentine's Day, sigh. Still, love vintage Valentines! Happy to share the love!