Free Vintage Valentine Image: Romantic Couple

What's this?  Can it be?  Calloo!  Callay!  Another fabulous free vintage download from Miss Madge's Share the Love Initiative. Yes, yes it is.

Is initiative a little too...I don't know...awkward?

It's not really a campaign and it's not a initiative seemed to sum it up. Just a little something for you, dear reader, to let you know that I adore you.  Because I do!  Mais, oui!

Another Art Deco era image, this was some sort of couples score card.  Perhaps for Canasta or Bridge?  I have held on to this little gem for many years.  It's in stellar condition and was never even filled out.  Well, except for the antique dealer who wrote a price on the back in pencil.  I wish they'd refrain from writing prices on ephemera.  Snark.  At least I solved the sticker dilemma on album covers and books, Un-du takes them right off, without leaving any residue!  It's amazing stuff! I should be their spokesperson.  No, seriously. Un-du. 

Speaking of amazing stuff, if you like these free digital vintage downloads, you simply have to visit The Graphics FairyKaren Watson has a wildly popular blog where gives away digital images regularly, and she takes the time to spruce them up too.  I met her at CHA in person and she's absolutely delightful.  Do go visit her blog and share the love!  Oh and, if you're feeling the love, stop by and say hello to the fabulous Jaderbomb, a.k.a. Jade!  I also met her at CHA and we're like two peas in a kooky crafty pod.  She's got an awesome blog where she shares tons of great DIY ideas, she's even been on Martha!  Stop by and give her a little love too.  After all, sharing the love is the point.

And if you make something with this image, send me a link and I'll post it here! 

And with that, I am off to make something.  I have a pile of Valentine themed craft supplies sitting on my craft table giving me the stink eye.  Hey, make something with us already Madge!

Just call me The Craft Whisperer.  Or maybe The Craft Yeller.  I'm kinda loud.  Shocking, no?

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Mary Ann Potter said...

Calloo, callay! O' frabjous day! I downloaded this before the frumious bandersatch got to it. (This is what you get when you have a former English teacher following you!) Seriously, thanks for the lovely couple. I'll use them for something totally frivolous. (Something where we can say, "T'was brillig...")

Margot Potter said...

Curiouser and curiouser! Hooray!