Jan 3, 2013


With the lovely and talented Claudine Hellmuth at CHA!
I am smack dab in the middle of CHA crunch time.  CHA is the Craft and Hobby Association Show and the Winter show is the big one.  All of the biggest companies in the arts and crafts industries bring their top secret new products for the buyers to peruse.  The 'crafty rock stars' are all in attendance teaching classes and hosting events, demos and make and takes.  It's the Big Top of the craft industry and it is every bit as fun as it sounds.
I have a class with 50 students who will be doing two projects.  I am punching, cutting, printing, stapling like a mad woman to prep 100 class kits.  I'll be teaching the two hour class for stkr.it sharing their StoryStickers, which are really awesome QR codes you can link to video, audio and photos you upload to their website.  You can make greeting cards, announcements, invitations, promotional materials with the extra added oomph of a personalized online greeting they access by scanning the code on their cell phone!  How cool is that? 

Speaking of class kits, I am sending mad love to Stephenie Hamen of Fiskars and Alexa Westerfield of iLoveToCreate for helping with some product for the kits at the literal last minute. 

CHA usually falls at the end of January, and though I knew it was next week in theory...this morning it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Holy craftamole, Batman.

It's here!

I'm also hosting make and takes throughout the show for ImpressArt, so I need to get my samples whipped up and prepped.  

And I still have to finish three blog step by step projects with photos, instructions and hot links, my e-book promo postcards, a video for a client, a second video for a flash mob doohickey and make jewelries to wear after I plan my outfits.  A designer can't show up to the biggest craft industry trade show in frumpy old studio garb.


So yes, panic has set in, but I'm holding it back with vague promises of relaxing when I get home.

(Yes, we all know that's a crock of glitter, but don't tell panic or we're all screwed.)


All of the designer folk are freaking out on Facebook.  It's crafty pandemonium over there.  Which makes me feel only marginally better because I'm not alone.  It's not exactly misery loving company, because we all do this and we all love our jobs.  Procraftination loves company...that's more like it!

If you're attending CHA, do consider taking my class and/or stopping by the ImpressArt booth to stamp up a little Crafty Rock Star charm with me! 

Here's my schedule if you are attending and wish to stop by and say "hey howdy hey":

Saturday January 12th
10am-Noon-ImpressArt Booth
3pm-5pm-ImpressArt Booth

Sunday January 13th
10am-Noon ImpressArt Booth
3pm-5pm ImpressArt Booth

Monday January 14th
8am-10am Workshop W1201 Stkr.it Class Room 211AB
12:30-2:30pm ImpressArt Booth
3:30-4:00 Westcott CHA Craft Contest Judge

Tuesday January 15th
11:30am-1:30pm ImpressArt Booth

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