Dec 13, 2012

The Never Ending Reinvention

Young Madge, in Christmas drag. Wah, wah.

It's been a while since I just wrote a post here. You know, one that isn't all about a big juicy picture with fancy fonts or a step by step tutorial painfully (and I mean that literally) edited in Photoshop or a promotion for my new book or someone else's new book or product line or special event.

That's the funny thing about a craft blog.  It's a balancing act.  I mean, yes, I could just share pretty pictures every day.  I'm doing that over on my new Tumblr blog (because what I really needed was another blog, har, har.)  And of course I can bitch about icky things that crawl up my arse wax poetic about an endless array of topics on my writing blog (because not every moment is covered in glitter.)  My traffic is up here, I've been working hard to make it prettier and more crafter friendly. 

The Eclectic Chanteuse

Yet, sometimes I just want to write a blog post and check in.  Hello!  How's it going?!  What's happening in your little corner of the universe?  See because this isn't supposed to be a monologue, it's a dialogue.  You're part of it.  Yes, you are part of my crazy journey, the one I've been on since I started posting a blog in 2004.  The one that started with me sitting at a computer between my stove and refrigerator in the little kitchen in our rental house and reinventing myself before I even knew what a blog was.  From actress, shop keeper and QVC Tiffany lamp representative to Craft Industry Designer, Author, TV Host and Quasi-Celebrity!  I'd like to tell you that it's oh so glamorous, but mostly it's still just me sitting at a computer between my jeweler's bench and an old cabinet in my studio reinventing myself. 

Call it the never ending reinvention.

Or life.

Six of one...

The Triumph of Love
The plan before the current great reinvention was to be an actress working in residency at a regional repertory theater.  That was the plan after I was the slightly older student putting herself through college starring in a variety of classical theater roles and waiting tables to pay the rent.  That was the plan after I was a front person for an alternative country swing and rockabilly band, which was after the plan where I was one of several front people for a cowpunk band, which followed the plan where I was going to get a degree in theater at a great school in California and go become a movie star. 

Man, that's a lot of plans, huh?

That first plan was derailed rather quickly, but that's the funny thing about plans.  We can make them with full conviction, but sometimes life sends us in different directions.  Of course, we're in charge, but it's not always easy to see that when you're knee deep in sticky stuff and chaos pops by for a visit.

I am currently working on a new, new plan.  Let's call it the New and Improved Margot Plan!  Lots of little things are happening you can't see.  I don't know how this plan will work out or if it will end up morphing into a different plan than the one I am planning.  I try to remain flexible.  That's important.  Relentless specificity can result in getting stuck, if you can allow for a shift to the left and a step to the right now and again, really cool stuff happens. 

Make plans, remain flexible.

It's kind of exciting and kind of scary right now, because the momentum is starting to build,  new directions are presenting themselves and I'm really not sure where it's all going to lead.  I have my hands firmly on the wheel, sails are full and the skies are blue and filled with lovely clouds.  Weird and wonderful things are emerging, things that are both amazing and scary as hell.

I am open.

Bring it on.

Love, Madge

Are you ready for your own reinvention?  Well have I got a book for you!  Step right up to the main tent and get your copy of The Fine Art of Shameless Self Promotion: Masterful Marketing and Bodacious Branding for the Enterprising Entrepreneur!  The mistress of reinvention shares her secrets for doing what you love, loving what you do and doing it all with style!


Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

So..question.. do you feeling pulling/resisting your desire to change or reinvent.. I find it funny that people seldom like it when we want to change and they do their best to keep us in our old place and often are not happy to see us on to a new place.. what is up with that?

Signed-also changing

Margot Potter said...

I am lucky to have a small family unit that is fully supportive of my never ending reinvention. That being said, the outside world often wants to stick me in a box. I've been sharing general crafts for several years and there are still people who insist that all I do is make jewelry or still see me as I was in my wayward post punk youth. It doesn't matter how much I've achieved and changed, they're stuck.

People stick us into boxes because it's easier for them to compartmentalize. They want to see us as we were when they first met us. I find it frustrating sometimes, but it's good to remember that it's their limitation, not ours.

Just keep reinventing! Love your moniker!


TesoriTrovati said...

Life is all about Plan B, right? You have to keep your options open and your eyes scanning the horizon. I love to see people unfolding and morphing. Gives me hope that there are changes a-coming for me too. Enjoy the day, Miss Madge! Erin
P.S. Just printed the Shameless tome. Scanned some of it. Will look more over the next few weeks. I think my highlighter will be busy!

Margot Potter said...

Change is inevitable, so we embrace it! Rock on, Miss Erin! Enjoy the read!


Celeste Kemmerer said...

I see more change in my future...I never used to be able to accept change, now I try to make it work for me. I have support from my immediate family, but a lot of others are still afraid to change and want me to stay the same.