Dec 21, 2012

Guest Posting on ImpressArt Metal Stamps Blog! Oh, Baby New Mom Metal Stamped Charm Bracelet!

Want to learn how I made this super cute zoo themed new mom bracelet accented with pretty SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS beads?  Visit the ImpressArt Blog for the 411 and links to the step by step instructions on their website!  They have the cutest new stamp sets, you are going to lurve.  LURVE!  Or love.  Lurve or love...or luff.  Totally up to you.

Lurve, love, luff...tomato, tomahto...

Good lorrrrddd, is she still typing?

Guess what?

I bet you're going to be surprised....

The world didn't end!


Yet, here am I, only a stone's throw away from Christmas and I have been slacking at the wheel here people.  My vague notions of multitudes of holiday posts have been dashed against the rocks of reality.  This gal has been busy!  Oh, but it's all good, trust me.  Good stuff is happening.  2013 is going to ROCK AND ROLL, Babycakes!

And with that, I have to get back to actual reality, I promised my lovely daughter a day of super awesome fun and that isn't going to happen if I keep sitting here typing nonsense and blather on my keyboard.  Nope, not going to happen if I keep doing that.  There is a whole world out there just waiting for us to explore.  But we can't explore if mom stays in the studio typing all day.

Good she still typing?

Lurve, Love, Luff,


Kory K said...

I LOVE this- I've tried stamping on metal and, well, I guess I need more practice. Much, much more practice. After I'm done, it looks like some kind of monster attacked the poor little metal blank and tried to write its name all over it...

Very very classy!!! Gonna follow over to the other blog for directions!


Margot Potter said...

You can do this, Kory! It's just a few small things. Make sure you use Stamp Straight tape to line up your letters. Start in the center and work your way to both sides, mark the tape for letter placement. When you stamp, get a firm grip on the stamp making sure it is straight up and you're holding it tightly down at the bottom on the blank. The brass hammer they have at ImpressArt is a ma zing, it doesn't bounce like a steel hammer. So just give it one good hard wack and voila! You stamped! Don't hit it twice, or it all goes to hell in a hand basket. Happy Holidaze!


Lisa said...

Thanks. This is lovely stuff.