The Fine Art of Shameless Self new e-book!

It's here!  Today is the day I release my first e-book The Fine Art of Shameless Self Promotion!  

For the first so many years I was on the interwebs, I had a different blog.  In that blog I wrote about all sorts of things and was incredibly transparent.  Perhaps a little too transparent, so a few years ago, I took four years of blog posts down and place them into a folder on my hard drive.  I was quite sure that there were several great book ideas in that folder, but I got busy with my craft career and the folder was set to simmer.  About three years ago, I started mining that folder and writing a book on self promotion.  I began formulating a concept I called Life Crafting 101 and that turned into a new folder in my hard drive.  The big idea behind this concept was becoming actively involved in creating your success.  Meaning that by doing something physical (like a modern ritual) you took concepts and ideas and made them concrete.  As a creative person, I've always approached my success as if it were a living entity, something organic and evolving and something I could shape and form through my vision and efforts.  I've always contended that it's not enough to dream big dreams or even visualize them unfolding, that you have to actively participate through physical involvement in making your dreams become your realities.  I have also always contended that there is nothing wrong with self confidence or with tooting your own horn, it's not what you do, it's the way that you do it!

The Fine Art of Shameless Self Promotion has been a labor of love.  I've been writing, re-writing and editing it for several years.  I didn't want to release it into the world until I was quite sure it was ready.  It's ready!  You can opt to read the book or you can opt to actively participate in the book.  There will be classes to come in the future!  There will be more books!  This is just the beginning.  Whether you work for someone else or you work for yourself, there is something of value here.  It's about taking the journey to discover what makes you uniquely fabulous and how you can translate the totality of who you are (both strengths and weaknesses) into a concrete and viable pathway to success.  It's about the way you move through the world and how you express yourself to the world and how the world views you in turn. It's a no nonsense, kick in the pants, straight forward fun-filled adventure into self discovery with an end goal of helping you embrace who you are, fine tune your message and yes, your brand.  Brand YOU!

You can buy The Fine Art of Shameless Self Promotion e-book from my website, we're also gearing up to bring it to Amazon in the near future for Kindle.  It's currently $9.99 and that includes any future updates or revisions, it will eventually be $12.99.

Stay tuned...I'm also debuting a new jewelry line this week called Modern Romance(tm).  Yup, Reinvention Time has arrived!

Rock on,



FunkyMonkey Girls said...

This will be a great help! I no longer have a day job so this will be helpful. Thanks for doing this for all of us.

Funky Monkey Girl,

You rock my world!!!

Margot Potter said...

It is absolutely my pleasure, Miss Jolene!

Rock on!


Cami said...

Congratulations, Margot! The book sounds great.

Michele said...

This looks like just what I need! Things are changing and I'm ready to amp up my craft business!

But, I'm having a little difficulty :-/

I bought the book and found the link to download it but when I right click (in both Firefox and Chrome) I don't have the option to save the file. It gives me an option to save the link but I don't think that's the right thing - is it??

Thanks Margot!

Margot Potter said...

Hey Michele

You should get an email and it should contain a link for you to go and download the book. I don't think you have to right click at all. Please email me and I will get my hubby to help you!


Margot Potter said...

Thank you, Cami!