Nov 10, 2012

Shifting Gears

It's funny  how life works.  Sometimes all it takes is speaking it out loud, and something shifts dramatically to the left.  Or right, depending on your perspective.  But regardless, it is all about perspective.

After I tossed my glue gun in the air yesterday in a melodramatic fit, the last thing I thought I'd want to do is make something.

Yet, an idea came knocking and I followed it.  I intuitively gathered a box of sundries and took them up to the dining room table (as the studio is cold this time of year and truth is, I do most of my design work upstairs where there's some light.) 

I really love working with paper.  I know my paper designs don't look like everyone else's paper designs and I don't really give a rat's patootie.  Someone has to do something new every once and a while or we'd all make the same things ad nauseum.

There is something about simple shapes, cut out in silhouette with simple embellishments that has always been appealing to my eye.  Busy things hurt my head.  Maybe it's my super fast brain trying too hard to take it all in, but I like simple and striking design.

So I made three cards.  Three simple, striking cards with simple shapes cut out in silhouette with simple embellishments.  I am on to something here, a new direction.

Sometimes all it takes is being willing to admit that what you loved once is no longer serving your joy.  Sometimes being willing to release attachment opens us up to something new.  Do what you love and if you don't love it anymore, shift gears.  You are only stuck if you choose to be.  Bring it on, new direction, I am ready.



chicandfrog said...

I am getting myself ready to shift gear. I admitted that what I used to do doesn't fascinate me anymore and I am going to change. It's not easy, though.


chicandfrog said...

I am getting myself ready to change gear. I already admitted that what I used to do doesn't fascinate me anymore, and now I am ready to move on. It will take some time, but my mind is set.


Margot Potter said...

It isn't easy, but staying stuck isn't either. I'd rather leap and trust the net will appear, that stand on the edge staring into the great abyss!

Go for it, Ambra!