Pondering the Proliferation of Perfection in the DIY Blogosphere

It's hard to grasp how my one year out of the blogosphere had such a huge impact.  What happened over that year?  Why didn't I see it coming?  Somehow a tsunami of Stepfordian Pinteresting Instragramesque domestic bliss swept through the virtual land creating an ocean of perfectly perfect, young, hip mommy bloggers with whom I have little to nothing in common beyond a love of DIY.  Let's face it, folks, I'm as imperfect as they come.  The glue boogers, the sarcasm, the transparency, the inappropriate innuendo fueled sense of humor, the wine, the coffee and of course...the unfortunate tendency towards rampant potty mouth syndrome...you will find none of this on these blogs.  Even those who claim imperfection are highly suspect, the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the perfect photographs sugar dusted with lovely filters tell a different story indeed.

I'm in awe.  Dumbstruck.  Blown away by every click that leads me to another perfect world hosted by another stunningly pretty young (usually white) woman with beautiful photographs of her beautiful family in their beautiful home eating beautiful food, wearing beautiful handcrafted clothing, making beautiful DIY creations, having beautiful family outings. 

My budget, my age, my impatience, my political and spiritual beliefs, my quirkiness and my unabashed lack of interest in perfection and exclusion preclude me from ever joining this club.

And there's the rub.

I am never going to be a member of the club.  This didn't happen in a year, it happened over several years.  It just wasn't on my radar.  Was it a plan or a happy accident?  That I can not say, I'm not privy to the insider information, though I have heard rumors, whisperings, innuendo and suggestions.  If it wasn't a plan, it's a baffling coincidence that there are so many blogs that are all written by similar women of a similar background and are all so shockingly similar that it's hard to tell one from the other.  

I have spent the past year spinning around in circles trying to figure this out.  I make cool stuff! I write thoughtful posts!  I share nifty projects and peeks into my life! I give out lots of free advice!  I cheer people on!  I lift people up!  I'm pretty, I'm nice, I'm smart, I'm funny, I'm fun!  Hey, what about me?!  Don't you like my crafty crafts?

And the resounding answer is...maybe...but you're not in the club, Madge.

Yes, I'm not in the club and I won't join this club.  Well, at least not while I'm alive.  But apparently we and any ancestors with genealogical records will be joining posthumously.

I must say, with my face pressed up against the glass, gazing into this rose colored world with a slightly grainy filter and punched up vibrant colors, it surely is lovely.  These are the pictures that launched a million pins and they're might impressive indeed.  It's the same vision found in my stacks of 1950s craft magazines filled with pretty projects created by stay at home moms living the atomic family dream. The sheer number of these blogs, these pictures, these windows into this lovely impossibly perfect world is breathtaking.  Spend a day or two clicking from one to another and your brain starts to spin! 

You have to give them credit.  The thing these women figured out that seems to elude those of us who are not in the club, is that making a club is the best way to build an audience.  By promoting each other, supporting each other, sharing tips, tricks and ideas with each other, by carefully constructing a vision that seamlessly flows from one perfect blog to the next with the click of a mouse, they've done something really quite amazing. They've created a window into a world  that is so intoxicating, it's difficult to resist. 

There is power in numbers, immense and impressive power. And that's something to ponder, indeed.

Imperfectly, irreverently and impatiently yours,


Jazmin said...

There is a club created in the wake of those who do not fit in the mold. lol I always like to say that I'm so unmarketable that I'm actually marketable. Then again I never was one for being part of a club. Even the one that is anti-the current flavor of the month. Keep doing what you do as no one e else can do you quite as well.

freebird7100 said...

I have to say that I am fairly new to your blog. But I absolutely love it! Even if it is a craft that I dont do. I love your sense of humor & how your mind thinks I have noticed the stepford perfectionism that has popped up like a field full of mushrooms. I like what they have to say but I wonder if they have a secret room in their house where they allow themselves to just "be normal" hmmm & if they dont then there are some issues for sure! Keep on keeping on hun your doing great

Celeste Kemmerer said...

I don't belong to the club either...my house is usually a disaster. Even if it started the day clean, something is likely to poop on the floor before the day is done. There is ALWAYS something more fun than housework, and my job really gets in the way of my life. I love to cook, but it's the maids century off and I don't like the clean-up much. Laundry is my personal nemesis. And although I have high hopes for my yard, I can never understand why that weed is there when I know I just weeded!

Laurel said...

Much to ponder, indeed. But just realize that these images of perfection are only that: images. One of the bloggers named in the magazine article even admitted it, that she doesn't say anything controversial, show her tattoos or mess, etc.

I just think you're teensy bit too honest to join the club. And thank goodness for that!

Saturday Sequins said...


I'm going to share a link with you. It's one of the coolest sites in the world -- it's all about how to be successful, you have to be willing to be unpopular. And it's run by a tattooed redhead who swears like a sailor. I love her:


I like that you don't pretend. I like that you don't hold back on your opinions. Maybe you won't get into the Stepford Knitters' Club, but you can make your own club -- for people who want to be real, not perfect. For people who don't connect with the carbon copy perfection bloggers and want more out of life than spotless floors and aprons that match their high heels. There are a ton of us! And we see you as a breath of fresh air.

Margot Potter said...

Thank you all for your support and your thoughtful comments! I truly appreciate it!

I love the Redhead Writer!

Yes, perhaps I've been filtering myself a little too much. The key at this point is deciding where to take this dog and pony show. We shall see!


Kory K said...

I freakin love this post. Ive thought about/wondered about some of the same things...

It could be a good play- a conspiracy theory about the perfect home/lifestyle/DIY Stepfod bloggers....