Nov 2, 2012

Oh Where Oh Where Has my Little Post Gone?

Have you seen my blog post?

I spent several hours writing and editing it. 

But somewhere between posting and returning to review it, it ran away.

Perhaps it went to join the circus.  Or maybe it's being held hostage by a Stepfordian Pinterested Instagramesque perfectly beautiful blog mafia in protest of the contents.  Or maybe some small tear in the fabric of time and space sent it scurrying down a black hole.

E gads.

It was about yea big and yea tall, with a 1940s French fashion magazine cover.  I was blathering on about perfectly perfect DIY blogs...

If you see it, say if you subscribe via email and it was sent to your inbox...please do forward it to

I may be mid-menopause, but I'm quite sure it was here as other people have confirmed sighting.

Le sigh.



Jodi S said...

most definitely strange- I read it and I think even commented on it earlier.. WEIRD. Good luck!!

Celeste Kemmerer said...

I love the pouty face! It's perfect!

Margot Potter said...

Hee. I found it! One person had the entire post in their Google reader, thankfully.

I am rewriting and will be re-posting. Damn the torpedoes!