Nov 27, 2012

Modern Romance by Margot Potter Jewelry Line

So in case you didn't hear...yesterday, I launched my first e-book!  People are already loving it, which makes me very happy!  If you've been looking for a kick in the pants to jump start your brand and fine tune your message, The Fine Art of Shameless Self Promotion is a great place to start!  That's not all folks, Oh No Siree Bobarooni! Today I'm launching the first phase of a new jewelry line called Modern Romance(tm) by Margot Potter.

About a year ago I came up with a concept for components I was intending to bring to the DIY market.  I've been working with glass and acrylic components for many years going all the way back to my second book.  In my mind, there were other directions to take these components from what was already on the market. I did some rough sketches and worked up some prototypes with my talented mother Sharon Scanlin and got a manufacturer on board to create them.  But life has a funny way of taking you into unexpected directions.  The manufacturer got cold feet and pulled out.  Another kick in the ass after two years of relentless ass kicking.  Sigh.  I put the idea on a shelf, but never stopped thinking about it.  Flash forward to a demo for an event and I decided to play with some ready made components and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and LOVED what was happening with the crystal and clear acrylic.  I'm so tickled with how fresh and modern these look!  And these will look even cooler with custom components!  Hooray!

True craft confession time, I was TOTALLY done with jewelry making.  I sold off a good portion of my stash in the bead soup mixes recently and was ready to do something else.  After the component line fell through (and this is not the first product line of mine that has fallen through) along with the big disappointment of my last job and losing some of my biggest clients in the aftershocks...well...I literally threw beads in the air and screamed I DON'T WANT TO MAKE JEWELRY ANYMORE! 

Every time I rearranged the studio, I stumbled on to the components.  Every time I did, I felt this sense of total sadness at another good idea drifting away from me.  And now, well, I've decided that it's time I take my destiny into my own hands.  No more waiting for someone else to bankroll it, no licensing of my ideas and no more feeling beholden. It's time for me to shine AND to help others shine in the process.

Simple.  Stylish. Sparkling. Sensational.

Modern Romance(tm) is a fresh and chic new jewelry line for the woman who isn't afraid to let her personality shine through.  Clear acrylic components encrusted with vibrantly colored sparkling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS make for playful designs that are sure to garner endless compliments.  Not for the shy or retiring, Modern Romance makes a bold statement, without being brash.

And I'm not stopping with marketing this to my current audience because let's face it, most of you already make stuff to sell.  This is just the beginning.  Team Potter is ready to rock and ROLL!

Check out the line and if you decide to order use the Fans and Friends 10% discount for EVERYTHING on the site

"Ain't no stoppin' us now, we're on the move."



Saturday Sequins said...

Your jewelry line is spectacular, and those components are drool-worthy.

Have you thought about offering the components for sale by themselves? I can think of plenty of people who'd want to add them to their jewelry designs, and I bet the blog Art Jewelry Elements would feature you.

Just a thought! :)

Margot Potter said...

Thank you, darling! You know, I've decided to do this as a finished line. It started out with a vision of components for the DIY market, but I'm just kind of burnt out on that front. I guess I've come full circle, because making finished jewelry was where this all started.

I'm going to give this time to unfurl and then we'll see where it goes.