Nov 7, 2012

E Pluribus Unum

Today I am thankful that regardless of our differences, and they are many, we are not red states and blue states, we are The United States. Now is the time to find common ground and reject derision and fear, because we are in this crazy, wonderful, awesome experiment together and the only way it works is when people are willing to come to the table with open minds and engage in civil discourse. 

What fascinates me, most of all, is that in America we appear to have a distinct split between two very different and seemingly diametrically opposed points of view.  I'm not sure how we get there from here especially when basic civility seems to have been abandoned.  If my Facebook feed is any indication, it's going to be a tough row to hoe. I don't, however, believe it's impossible.  Ultimately, I think it's clear that an extremist agenda on either side of the aisle is not viable.  The majority of the people seek the middle ground and I think that's what the election results convey.   

And perhaps, if both sides of the aisle can reach towards the center, we can find it.

We  will have to trust that this experiment has worked so far and with a willingness to find compromise, it can continue to work.  What I'd like to see, personally, is real campaign finance reform.  When elected officials owe favors to corporate interests, we all lose.  Corporations are not people and lobbyists and Super Pacs are not working with the interests of the people at heart.  I think that's a problem on both sides of the aisle that will not be fixed until the people demand it.

As for folks who woke up today feeling as if their team lost, try to remember that we're all on the same team.  It's not a football game.  We aren't enemies.  We may have opposing points of view, but we all ultimately long for the same things.  No one 'team' won a clear victory, the American people voted right down the middle.  And that is where we start.

E Pluribus Unum.

From many, one.



Jodi S said...

another very well put blog post :) I agree that, somehow someway, needs to be a common ground where people can't totally hate and blame our president for all the problems in the country.
thanks for spreading some positivity!!

TesoriTrovati said...

Thank you for this. I think that after all the vitriol and venom of these past months and months that our collective soul needs to be healed. I am hope-full that there will be reaching across the aisle and true respect. I agree wholeheartedly about the campaign finance reform. We heard endless streams of impossible numbers bandied about from both sides, when all I could think of is how much more impressed I would be if we took all the money that was funneled to PACs and paying for all the paper that I threw out before it even tainted my home and all the insanely ridiculous radio and TV media buys and actually DID something with that money. Can you imagine it? Then those outrageous numbers would be so much less because all the money would be going to where it is needed most. Thank you for sharing this. I am ready to reach across and shake hands with those friends and neighbors that color themselves different than me and become UNITED once again.
Enjoy the day.

Margot Potter said...

Yes, yes! I remain, ever and always, hope full.


Rachél - Creativity Tribe said...

Love this. I try to live that way in my life, giving people the benefit of the doubt, looking for the successes, talking thru difficulties, working on unity. I would add that I think as every day people, we need to remember that politicians are not very different than us. They are human, fallible, and capable of growth. Let us no "us and them" there either.