Consumer Crafts Cyber Monday Sale! Hooray!

The fine folks from asked me to visit their site, shop for fabulous craft supplies at ridiculously awesome prices and share my haul with you in a video.

Um, sign me up!

I saw, I clicked, I shopped.  And I can not believe how much crafty goodness I scored for $50.01!  I got 7 tape runners, a bag of Christmas buttons, a palette of sparkling water colors, 2 sets of cards with envelopes, three textured cardstock sets, 12 packs of pretty sequin pailettes, giant papier mache letters that spell 'JOY', a pack of candy can striped chenille wire, a big bag of neon feathers, a Martha Stewart glue pen AND two Ranger Inksentials white ink pens.  I plan to use all of these crafty goodies to make a bevy of Retrofabulous Christmas craft projects over the holidays! 

And guess what?  There are going to be even more ridiculously awesome Cyber Monday sale prices at, so you can get even more crafty goodness than I did for even less! 

How cool is that?!

Check out our video for the 411.  Warning, do not drink coffee while watching this video as it is possible you might do a spit take at your computer screen.  You have been forewarned.

You can also find Consumer Crafts here:
Crafts Unleashed blog (for inspiration)

(DISCLOSURE: Blogger was compensated for this post and provided product, but the opinions are 100% my own.)


Sharon said...

Wow, can't believe the amount of great stuff for $50 bucks! And, the hostess is pretty darn adorable, too. Margot, you always make me feel happy!

Etcetorize said...

Wow, I thought I got a lot of stuff, but you hit the jackpot! Great video~

JafaBrit's Art said...

LOL, I LOVED the video.

Kristin Turberville Haffey said...

"A bag full of florescent feathers!" That's probably my favorite part. :) Thanks for letting me know about a new website to check out for my crafting supplies. :)

Margot Potter said...

So glad you liked! Yay!


Laura / The Shed, Pet Scribbles, Socks for Sandy said...

I heart, so thanks for the heads up on their upcoming sale! You are so just ooze haul video I've ever seen!

susiecarranzastudio said...

ooh - how fun!!! can't wait to see what you create with all this crafty goodness... :)