OH MY GAWD! It's here! Our Craft Wars Episode Airs Tuesday on TLC!

It's here, we're kind of freaking out just a little around Casa de Potter.  Our Craft Wars episode airs this Tuesday on TLC in a NEW TIME SLOT!  The show is so popular, they've moved it to 8pm EST!  How awesome is that?!  To say we're excited, is an understatement.  And they used my word for the show title: A Christmas Craftastrophe!  Yee haw!  Here is our show promo below!  GO TEAM POTTER!

Y'all know I loves me some Christmas, so how cool is it that we got the CHRISTMAS EPISODE?!  Plus, my mother in law is a mail carrier, so how cool is it that our theme was Postal Supplies?!   Okay, I shall cease blathering and let you enjoy the video portion of today's blog.



Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Go Team Potter!

flyingbeader said...

YOU GO!!!!!!! Doing the pom pom dance for you

Anne at Weekend Kits said...

Looks like SO much fun!! I'm excited for you Margot. You really make crafting fun, thanks for that :)

elizabeth said...

I have your blog saved in my reading list, and sometimes articles pop up there but when I try read them they are not on the actual blog...:S

There's supposed to be something about a keepsake book here but I can't read it :(