Obsession Confession

Margot's Collar
Avalon's Pink and Yellow Collar
Avalon's Tri-Color Hat/Collar

I'm a visual learner.  I can't concentrate on patterns, my brain starts to wander off and think of other things.  I can figure things out easily if I can see them dimensionally.  I first realized this when a teacher finally showed me that algebra wasn't just numbers floating in space, it's actually related to geometry.  Then the big light bulb in my head went off and I couldn't believe how easy math became.  For me, everything needs to have structure.  It's how I design.  I don't think in flat surfaces, I think in 3-d. 

In the winter it is always cold here in our little schoolhouse.  We have huge 6 foot windows and unless we board them shut, they disperse cold air.  I often wear hats and scarves at work.  The thing about scarves is that they can get in the way of my crafting efforts and they can be kind of bulky.  I love endless scarves, but most of them are kinda long.  I came up with the idea of a knitted collar and then I grabbed my trusty Knifty Knitter and went to work.  They needed something...crocheted flowers! 

I tried learning how to make the flowers using a book I have on needle arts, but it was not computing.  Then I watched some YouTube videos, but they all went so fast!  I found one on Threadbanger that I stopped frame by frame until I figured it out.

Avalon liked the collar I made so much she took the Knifty Knitter from me and made a bunch more!  I love her color sense!  The green and orange model is mine, the other two are Avalon's delightful creations with Mom's crocheted flower accents and vintage buttons.  This model is smaller than a real person, so these fit more like a collar than an off the shoulder scarf.  These are really fun to make and super snuggly to wear.  I think we're on to something here!

Two fun contests to announce!  If you order from iLoveToCreate they'll send a free bottle of Aleene's Tacky Glue with your order...in honor of Aleene's Birthday month!

The folks from When Creativity Knocks are in the midst of the Great Crafter's Tool Hunt 2!  Go see what the buzz is all about!

I'll be back tomorrow with a new project for iLoveToCreate.  Until next time...craft on with your bad selves.



Claire Vorauer said...

For me, learning a new skill produces the same endorphines as falling in love. I took an upholstry class this past weekend and I'M IN LOVE!! It's bad enough that I hoard fabric, yarn and beads... now I'm going to hoard old furniture!

Margot Potter said...

Claire it's the way of the creative mind, we're constantly seeking new pathways of expression.

Have fun repurposing!


Wendy T. Gibson said...

I love these! AND I have a Knifty Knitter! I would have the patience to make them too, which I can't say about a normal length. The colour combos are great. Perfect for around our old brick Vic! I think that you are on to something, too! Thank you!

FunkyMonkey Girls said...

I am too a visual learner. I can follow some directions but I get totally frustated most of the time with them. That is why I can not do peyote stitches or any of that stuff. Awesome color combos:)

Funky Monkey Girl,